Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Component three : Picture in Image


Part 3 shows how to do picture in picture and slow motion. Follow me on twitter Tags: final cut pro finalcut finalcutpro x editing 8 software apple download tutorial demo demonstration creating movies clips audio format render settings adjust color transitions sound effects pro apple mac masking key frame keyframe saturation part 1 intro computer video editing canon t3i cod call of duty background awesome features imovie X picture in picture pip
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  1. jmackin622

    i like the gangster music at the beginning cuz nothing’s more gangster than Final Cut editing

  2. damunster9

    modern slinky???

  3. UncleRoo5

    Yes, instead of PIP, you need to super impose the text/video. It’s really easy to do in previous FCP but I don’t know my way around X quite yet. 🙁

  4. DeltaNYProductions

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    up to 1080p!
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  5. XxTheCoconutMasterxX

    You can do multiple.

  6. crustyspandex1994

    how can you adjust the speed to your clip more precisely because all i have is 10%,25%,50%, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x. Those are not nearly as precise as i want it to be. On iMovie 11 you can adjust your speed to 105% or 110%. How can I get final cut pro to be like that?

  7. Angelyperuvian

    I was wondering, how can I make the picture in picture into a circle shape or any shape?

  8. TheTCOLL

    This is all great but I need to know something I cant find anywhere. How do you get that picture in picture to fade in or another transition. No matter what I do I cannot add any transitions to anything but the primary storyboard.

  9. chickenisawesome1234

    very hepful. thanks

  10. chickenisawesome1234

    It doesn’t have a very fast RAM so it isn’t fast enough to keep it at a good speed

  11. rstir8

    Hey i have a question. I’m looking for a muzzle flash for a shooting shot. Is there any way to add a muzzle flash to finial cut pro x?

  12. TheNorfilm

    Is it possible to hide black backgrounds?? Almost like blue- and greenscreen..

  13. DrUnKoSOuL

    is it possible to load the words without the black background ?


  14. SamTH3Doctor

    A Picture inside a Picture….. PICCEPTION!!!!

  15. SNNTEC

    best tutorials hands down!!!

  16. alpol017

    Thank YOU!
    I didn’t know about it’s so easy

  17. saokz7

    Wait…Quick Time Player has a record feature built in?! I wish I knew that before I went crazy trying to save up money for ScreenFlow

  18. Alessandro7Bacabac

    I added you on my Favourites and Subscribed: My Question is it posible to Embed YouTube Video links over a Photo like a PIP effect? Reason is I want to increase count on a Youtube Video instead of a Pure PIP and not knowing how many people view the video as im posting it to faceboook.



  20. ReagaRight


  21. TheAmyOberg

    Thanks… :)

  22. guinhu

    I did like it quite much as well! Only I think it’s easier to retime giving the clip a right button click, choosing “retime”, and stretching the clip it after that!!!


    Thx man! Very nice tutorials!

  23. TekDump

    Thanks great vid is there any way i can fade in the picture and then fade out the picture.:) pls reply

  24. putoshit

    does sound gets slowed down also when re-timing?

  25. AMVleader

    is there a way that you can make the picture that you put in the picture faded so that you can still see it but you can still see the video that is behind it? you know other than just having another square of video playing in the corner.

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