Final Cut Pro X Tutorial 41 – Portion two GV and Updates


Final Cut Pro X tutorial. The 41 th a series of tutorials, all the new features of Final Cut Pro X. This chapter explores the highlights of the new update 10.0.3 FCPX including Multicam support and resume clips!
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Link: I had the idea of ​​not taking creditt Grant Tutorals’m just here to tell your channel: / give tutorials
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  1. Janandhisfiets

    nice introduction. You have my attention

  2. Johhanah

    Thanks for your help so quickly. I’ve found what went wrong. For some reason, I changed the proxy means using my preferences in place of the original media optimized. So I turned to the “original (..) the Media ‘, and now voilaaaahh, is everything all right again. :). Sorry for my panic. Hope to see more of your tutorials, especially the movement. Thanks again Hilda

  3. steevepatrick

    My first thought is that you do not choose to upgrade their projects on startup 10.0.3. Do you know where your files? By default, it should be in your movie folder of your Startup folder. You should have two folders in Final Cut: Projects and events. Make sure you are still there. FCP does not delete anything, but if you upgrade the project to jump 10.0.3 that is to ignore them completely.

  4. Johhanah

    Dear Steeve, I’ma fan of you and thanks for all your Tutorials.Es was a great help to mich.Aber not now I have my files on my 10.0.3 FCPx aktualisiertalle fehlen.Anstatt therefore, a useful feature, combine “event files again,” This new version of myself in trouble by linking Dateienja have gone all the files in my projects (not recognized) What I can tun.Vielleicht you have good advice Thanks Hilda: The Netherlands Low

  5. steevepatrick

    Unfortunately, you were marked as spam for some reason … To read the timecode from digital tape, but not “see”, I’m not sure what you mean. Please refer to the time and date? What kind of camera you use?

  6. figothespark

    how to remove video time code? time code that comes with the video and you want to remove this time code … therefore to remove?

  7. lbmbrew

    end fun. great video. Cheers

  8. Johnsonprod

    And voilààà Hahaha epic! Nice clip and nice advice =)

  9. todaywiththeCJB

    My McAfee site advisor, said it may have viruses in it! Artists whatch my tutorial is a video response to tjis!

  10. xoxoWafflesxoxo

    I tried everything I can not load even rehanfx! PLEASE HELP ME IM desperate!

  11. MrJstone2000

    Please help. While remaining fadeing if I do IVE and tries with all things blue

  12. PrincessJodie09

    Thank you God! I tried to download Movie Maker 6 all night! Lifeguard, Windows 7 is sooo annoying sometimes!

  13. nielskonijngt5

    Holey shit! You need a plugin or somthing to the display screen? FAILURE IMOVIEIMOVIE IMOVIEIMOVIE IMOVIEIMOVIE IMOVIEIMOVIE!

  14. TransformersFan5000

    know why.

  15. coolapple14

    HATE Windows Live Movie Maker

  16. coolapple14

    u obviously did not read the description

  17. timothyrulze

    Where do you see the installation ShaderTFX?

  18. TransformersFan5000

    Is there any way to the green screen or blue screen with Windows Live Movie Maker.?

  19. BreathOFLaminin

    I have it on my WMM for Windows 7, but no matter what I do when I add the green screen RehanFX, always blinding me from the bottom, instead of behind me. Please help.

  20. BreathOFLaminin

    @ Wave Which team have to do at 1:28, which appear in the field? You have not explained how this was done at all. Please explain.

  21. MrsKatBieber13

    please help me …. I dounloaded rehanfx the thing, but I can not find and not in my WMM

  22. pivotmaster861

    Thanks to the ingenious

  23. HyperCheeseVideos

    It installs … and works with WMM? You do not have to, which are stored in files?

  24. MrLisawsome


  25. SonicStarArmy

    Does this work on Windows Movie Maker V5.1? Because I’m busy with other things and I do it as fast as possible and to find them.

  26. ZandDmovies

    Is Movie Maker 2.6 WORK

  27. hardcorevids6

    haha u misspelled tutorial, so u porches with annitation

  28. 5555Dragonmaster

    It looks like this video was “down the drain” ….. How soon? No, I’m a friend of JK good job

  29. cakeshowers

    I looked on the Internet for 2 hours to see how, if all you can download Windows Movie Maker XP, so I have a green screen and could spend $ 100 on a green screen and can no longer back!

  30. MAD8RAD

    Why invest?

  31. 3doglove3

    Stupid Vista: (

  32. 09sonicfan

    Thanks a lot dude! this helped me a lot!

  33. interupters

    I can not wait to try it.

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