Final Cut Pro 7 Tutorial | 101 | Basic Effects | Blur and color impact


Download Now – Final Cut Pro Tutorial – Basic Effects – Blur and Color Effect

Download Now – Final Cut Pro Tutorial – Export for DVD with chapter markers
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  1. FinalCutKing

    I just enjoy my videos.

  2. apolloe23

    thanks that was very helpful!

  3. echshe

    Thank you very much, it was very useful! 🙂

  4. THEANnetWork

    How to get the blinking effect

  5. Skinny004

    Thanks :: I am new to Final Cut :: teaching me and I appreciate that!

  6. washuaiki

    Hi, thanks for putting this how, just monitoring or Final Cut and have been easy for people. One question, what program you use to record yourself while you are doing the effect. If you want to be better to publish some things back a great job.

  7. washuaiki

    Hi, thanks for putting this how, just monitoring or Final Cut and have been easy for people. One question, what program you use to record yourself while you are doing the effect. If you want to be better to publish some things back a great job.

  8. Venusiana

    Thank you! This tutorial was very helpful!

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  13. tommybaker93

    Hey, I was just wondering if I can do that, the key frame and use the “ramp” technique, but with a slow, so slow you can speed up or slow deceleration rather than just here and in the molecular. . I hope this makes sense, Tommy haha

  14. ForeverBlaugrana

    its only for Mac

  15. gbaspfreak1


  16. mrIIIbopbop

    can u get Final Cut Pro on the PC

  17. intrepid

    great video training talk, everyone else is so slow and takes time to get to the information I need. Point is reached, and if I understand it, I can not rewind the video. not change anything.

  18. apodo360

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  19. DeeMz90

    Could this be used in Final Cut Express?

  20. Freestuff4you888

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  21. pseudokred

    Hi just want to check only. What software used to shoot the video-tutorial on screen? I am experimenting with movie screen right now, but I can not seem to get the zoom in and out effect

  22. Pollenfax

    Great video. Very well done. Thanks for posting!

  23. shakyjones

    Thank you! so again, well done! I liked this as I did not know that option. from New York

  24. Bobjones4

    Hello! I just wanted to say: Good Clean instructions, of course, with rapid results. Exactly what a YouTuber “means” great job!

  25. EmoGirlDx

    Yoo how can it fades from white? please, im a video editor for my school and we are using this program so!

  26. poormansdreamstudio

    Thanks heaps … What is the program used to record the screen in real time?

  27. gregsonfilm

    What a great tutorial on the point. Thank you very much for sharing. I have a question about the “marker” in the dropdown list, select “instruct the chapter markers.” I realize it’s a “DVD Studio Pro Markers” option. Why not choose this place? What is the difference?

  28. getgoingtraining

    Thanks for your work 🙂 Question Quicktime. The compressor is a great program to encode video for DVD Studio Pro This is the easy way to create a video file to DVD.

  29. alexanderjoseph85

    When exporting, why not choose the “compressor”. I’m trying to export a half hour concert. Will “QuickTime” work?

  30. durude

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a world of bastards they call money is hard to find a good free advice. Thanks

  31. apodo360

    The video audio is clear and thanks so big!

  32. getgoingtraining

    markers in DVD Studio Pro are not quite sure how to cut into FCP 🙂 So we put in the Final.

  33. timwarneka

    Big Question video, thanks: To prepare the clip for DVD Studio Pro, you have to export as DV NTSC 48 kHz to avoid the need to run the clip through the compressor?

  34. MyloFarmer

    Thanks for the tutorial. Just one question: Are you working for and iDVD?

  35. pigpen12345

    thanks! The FCP manual is very confusing ….

  36. Tumbleweedjc

    Very useful

  37. desibomb

    Hello fellow U still have jointly published a menu? Thanks

  38. Dhanediesil

    doing very well. You is published on how to create DVDs with menus?

  39. digitalclips

    Explicitly stated in the manuals for the chapter of DVD Studio Pro “and choose not to choose ‘Make the chapter” The same goes for iDVD. Have you noticed, no matter what you choose?

  40. flowergirl86

    great tutorial. thank you very much!

  41. FirebrandNIRE

    Is there a way to set the start and end points of the chapter markers that define your life? And while the clip or chapter has played that to return to the step index of chapters in DVD Studio Pro? Thank you!

  42. desibomb

    I feel I have learned in the video, such as chapter markers that excuse that question just ask you a menu? Thanks

  43. desibomb

    Hi mate, how do u actually chapter markers in Final Cut Pro, and also do u create a menu? I hope your answer thanks

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