Final Cut Express Tutorial: Image in Image (PIP)


visit: want to know how to add that added touch of professionalism to your videos? This is the tutorial for you! Video Rating: four/five

  1. AztecBodyart

    Great vid … Thanks Question: I think you can put a cast” in / fade out” in the photo that can be overlaid on the video?

  2. Dtrix157

    in this respect with two videos at once in a picture?

  3. TheBunnieGirl

    Thank you for explaining this great work.

  4. tourchman1

    Hey man good job! I am a fan fo show!

  5. syboothlyons

    Great tutorial and I hope this is easy, but Billy, why I can not superimpose my picture on the front of my clip instead of behind? Greetings.

  6. Scleibfreid

    Thank you!

  7. PolyphonicPress

    Thank you for this! I’m doing reviews of the album and wanted the album cover in the video sitting next to my head and did not know how!

  8. BigNate84

    Thanks for the tip of my friend. Today I have Final Cut Express 4 for 4 years and without it. I’m a little rusty now, so it was great!

  9. ClaudirellaFan

    That was very helpful (: thanks!

  10. xFadingStarsx

    Very useful! 🙂 Thanks!

  11. 10000Hawks

    Help. : 3

  12. HarryGinnyDxC

    Watch this video, although FCP, you can still get the picture (not my channel of course) in the picture effect for FCP by finalcutking

  13. kjkj1002002

    How is it that your children always make these videos? Shit, not even teach this in my Class 11 Video production lab.

  14. FriscoVideoBlog

    How do you get rid of a white or black?

  15. TransfusionFILMS

    The image is not pitching. is a C before T

  16. sparkleygirl11

    Oh, my God, I thank you sooo much this really helps 🙂

  17. PeachesTheDiva

    Thank you very much for teaching tricks to an old puppet theater than anyone else!

  18. luvcb55

    Is it possible to add a video to a Pictuure? instead of an image to a video? Whenever I try to say “insufficient content”

  19. TechieTeenGirl

    Helpp! Dragging the image position in the video overlay and brand, the picture shows behind the video and let me drag the image in the video, but just leave him behind to help?

  20. A1FilmCreations

    How to make the PIP without sharp edges? Is there a way to blur or blend the edges of the PIP.

  21. diablo9333

    There is really only one, but you can mac on it. Number 1 is illegal because it does not work in an Apple machine. Second Mac dmg files used to install. Third ISO is needed for him and the only way to do this would be a disk Darwin (and illegal) to use.

  22. HelmetBoyAndFriends

    There is also a parallel with Mac OS X on a PC with Windows set.

  23. diablo9333

    In parallel to Windows on the Mac in a virtual machine running. I know because I have it.

  24. HelmetBoyAndFriends

    its called parallel

  25. diablo9333

    No Final Cut for Mac and PC, which is only made by Apple

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