Film Like A Boss – AE: Plasma Gun Blast


Got a couple of PMs about this effect and it’s actually pretty easy. The trick is to not use a standard muzzle flash. Use something with a little more spark and particles. Also if you haven’t checked out the displacement map tutorial, link is down below – should be helpful if you’re having trouble understanding the shockwave effect. DISPLACEMENT MAPS MUSIC Feint DnB – Sleepless ————————————————————– TWITTER – FACEBOOK – ————————————————————–

  1. MobiusLOL

    Thanks man! Let me know when your video’s done 😀

  2. OrenBoder

    Great tutorial man. I’ll definitely be using this in a video shortly! 🙂

  3. TaldarimGaming

    This tutorial helped me so many times with displacement mappping

  4. kevinmrn

    screw these adds

  5. sk8boardn101

    your my boss bro…*subscribe

  6. MattJamesAwad

    It’s actually on my channel now.

  7. MobiusLOL

    No problem at all! Would love to see what you come up with 🙂

  8. MattJamesAwad

    Thanks for this. I saw the other tutorial, but I like the way you showed displacement better. I just finished my own video trying this out.

  9. damoesta

    best displacement map tutorial..easy to understand!

  10. MobiusLOL

    Hahaha thanks for your comment! Sure I’ll make a lightsaber tutorial 🙂 Probably for next week though, as I already have something planned for the next one which is sort of a follow-up on this one.

  11. CelanaGaladel1104

    This is prosauce! You do in 8 mins what would take a normal person 2 hrs to do. I want to see how you do the lightsaber effect! I’ll make my knitting needles glow in one of my vids if you show me how =D

  12. HeRorikGaming

    This was pretty sweet 😀

  13. DoDo5068

    thank you!!!

  14. LucasGamingCo

    Nice video. Keep up the good work.

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