Film camera viewfinder – free footage – Full HD 1080p



every day there are plenty of images that can not be used in projects for various reasons. We want to share our pictures before they are lost! So you can use, even for commercial projects! LICENSE AGREEMENT 100% free for commercial use! STRENGTHS and redistribution of the VIDEO (SINGLE or with other videos) is strictly forbidden! No part of the other video! All rights for this work of Jacob Meyer JULIAN PROTECTED. NOT PERMITTED this video into contact with pornographic, illegal, or use OTHER IMMIORAL purposes, to spread hatred, violence or discrimination.

  1. soulhackful

    Thank you! I love you my friend! Subscribe + exchange with friends

  2. edrianisawesome

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. EditinSwag

    Thank you brother

  4. CrazyFrankyDj

    You can load the template?

  5. ZoxinTV

    If you have After Effects, you can easily change the blending mode to “screen”

  6. AndrewReiningVlogs

    No, this is called a superposition. If you use iMovie, After Effects, etc. You also need images of what you have always to be in this fall, then select “display” in a dropdown menu.

  7. en197455

    could u put on a green screen!

  8. KamTHG

    oo I look, thanks!

  9. ahmads2012

    You must be a plugin called Unmult. This plug-in for After Effects and used for black color footage to remove works perfectly! taken as everyone can see that

  10. MondaysJustGotGood

    You can simply use the green screen tool, but the color, click the Selection tool in the black market! There should be green.

  11. PaintPwn

    You can do this, but with a green background? Chroma key works much better than luma key

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