FIFA 10 Virtual Pro Tutorial (HD)


on the new role of Virtual Pro in FIFA 10 experience
Video Rating: 4/5

Behind the Scenes: times, when the patriotic fervor called, has to respond to your call, no matter what time or place. We had a great potential for this title. What do you think was the best? – Real gangster ghost train – crazy Asian kid plays guitar on the road – How to celebrate the Fourth of July also noted that Hendrix is โ€‹โ€‹nothing I have on this. Finally, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner heavy. Nothing less than a class 5 hurricane can move. Now that you have read this far, you might as well know that the key to this, once again, the green screen footage, Adobe After Effects, and the plate and down to shoot at the same time on two different days to lighting extent.
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. Conzeeny

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

  2. Cudikid1

    Yes, I would say definitely, if I find out what is wrong with him

  3. Conzeeny

    Yes, and when I said that to score a goal the commentator: “May his fifth goal of the season” or “That’s 5 goals for the club” and it is so frustrating! If you fix it please tell me and when I say that the problem to solve. 8 ‘)

  4. Cudikid1

    Yes, exactly the same, I’m so, I had tons of annoying games I’ve played with my kid, but nothing is recorded in the statistics

  5. Conzeeny

    I think I have the same problem as you, if I can use a target with my goal each and celebrations to unlock new achievements to go and I do not mean progress has increased, so I can not unlock celebrate! Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  6. Cudikid1

    My player does not seem to take credit for everything he does to get into games

  7. TheDragonAgeGuy

    Just keep playing with the Pro ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. zombieslay09

    You can do that on PS2

  9. iphonerules2009

    Anyone want to play FIFA 10 on PS3 add me: king_karny9

  10. AutoTunedTutorials

    this is the right place: easportsworldDaumen high!

  11. tctomo11

    I have my face game was drawn on the computer, but when I reach the last step in the face, do what you produce

  12. MrTehproworld

    This is awesome and I would have a digital camera

  13. ian38018

    Love all your videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. nick0black

    Her English is the perfect job, very good

  15. owencooney10

    How do you spend skill points or

  16. ninjaearth12

    1:40 My Virtual Pro is a 73%

  17. handy123456789123456

    ยฟI can use this on the PC too? I’m from Germany, sorry for my english ^ ^ And how can the shoes are new updates for FIFA 10 on PC switch

  18. lazarotheboss123

    add me elanimal801

  19. KSIOlajidebt

    check out my channel for tips on how to be right in Pro Club Championship ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. ghbmi

    In order to obtain benefits for PRO, you have to play semi-professional or higher

  21. whatever4418

    Who knows. I need to play a certain amount of difficulty in order to get benefits? I usually play in the middle, or a professional, but I’ve tried to win fans and statistics not seem to work is that correct?

  22. Fifa09pwns

    3:42 this is not a twat

  23. 187MURGA

    How I can get new shoes on Virtual Pro?

  24. hityourshoe

    Do you have to ensure that these goals incredible FIFA 10! / Watch? V =-U LNHSrjT7_

  25. isaacshrmn

    This game is played excetional often in the summer with my brother, he is totally amazing in it. I loaded the game for free for my PS3 – 115 games. com they have literally hundreds and best of all, they’re all the way was free 2 2:22 3:42 Sterling

  26. DruTerbrack24

    It is said that Washington Blvd trailer … The Boulevard … a road …. That are not roads have no signs, it becomes a city … if it is a sign that says “Washington 1500 km” then yes he’rd agree on the billboards are in … Spanish I guess?

  27. DruTerbrack24

    It is said that Washington Blvd trailer … The Boulevard … a road …. That are not roads have no signs, it becomes a city … if it were a sign that says “Washington 1500 km,” not dumb then ur comment: D in advertising signs are in … Spanish I guess?

  28. NovemberNinja

    Uh … Los Angeles is not a country: P

  29. XxNOBLE02xX

    I like your license plate, HELL YEAH-

  30. piercdadestroyer

    I love the way the chance of having your guitar up there.

  31. MrShroominkid

    I love the hair. What kind of gel do you use? It seems every time I go on the roof of a car, while its motion moves my hair. has

  32. Paliditify

    I see no shadow of you on the floor ……

  33. tonystark159357

    his brother in Los Angeles. a few kilometers that roar theres a country called Mexico and other Hispanics living in Los Angeles, so you have to. State Farm is not in Mexico, as the billboard, said it was.

  34. bear71399

    Asia …

  35. theasianof2010

    God, I wish I had seen or at E3 I saw Sam and Niko XD

  36. tonyracer24

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  38. aanish1999

    one word “LOL”

  39. fuzzy7410

    @ Isa that afternoon XxBannaForcexX says HELL YEAH

  40. sebmei99

    euhmm … He crawles from the driver’s seat? : P

  41. XxBananaForcexX

    Nice number plate

  42. MitchDTV

    A true American Freddie lol

  43. thekaneguy215

    “For Washington Blvd.” Delay

  44. RaivisP1P

    haha: D

  45. jordaneagle220

    The song is perfect (:

  46. azaaz377

    WTF? ItSIncredible

  47. MrStuckwithyou

    Only if u had a fan blowing her hair

  48. SuprAwkTrtle

    The hair is not blowing

  49. jphallig

    Yes we are not the only ones using the miles per hour …. Attention to detail my friend. The attention to detail.


    He has hair aerodynamic

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