Ease of use

  • How easy is to use the stock footage?

It’s as easy as drag and drop into your project!


  • Do I need to pay you any royalties?

Nope, this footage is royalty-free for non commercial use.

Software compatibility

After Effects CS3 & CS4 & CS5
Final Cut Studio
Premiere & Premiere Elements
Vegas Video
Avid Composer
Other QuickTime based video software

Download issues

  • My download has failed and now my link is blockedexpired. What can I do?

Buy it again. Just kidding. Please send us an email through our contact form and we`ll solve it in a jiffy.

  • I have tried to download several times with no success. What is wrong?

Please make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive. If you cannot access your link anymore, please send us an email through our contact form.

  • I have downloaded the file but it has a “zip”/”rar” icon and I cannot open it with “zip”/”rar” software, what do I need to do?

Sometimes the file/s you download from our website might have an archive icon. they are not archive in any way. Please rename the file extension from “rar” to “mov”, then just open your current animation/editing software and import the clips. they will work just fine.

License issues

  • I want to use your stock footage for commercial use. Can I?

Yes – you can!

  • Is there a time limit for the use of the footage I have purchased?

Nope – once you have bought from us, you can use the footage whenever you like, as often as you like

  • Do I have any limitations with the footage?

Yes there are limitations – you cannot resell the footage or part of it in any form or format [meaning selling it on istockphoto or any other stock footage website]. not even as a joke. we shall haunt you down and eat you alive. other than that – no limitations.
Import issues

  • I have purchased one of your products and when I try to import, I get an error message.

Please update your video codecs and make sure you have enough space on your hard drive or your temp drive.

  • I have purchased one of your products and when I try to play it inside my video editing software I see only white screen instead of a picture.

Please update your video codecs, or check if there are any updates available for your editingcompositing software.
Frame rates

  • Can I use your footage on NTSC video editing system?

Yes, you can.

  • Can I use your footage on PAL video editing system?

Yes, you can.

  • What is the resolution of the footage I get when I buy a product?

You can choose between 4K or HD or SD. it all depends on what you need and choose to buy.

  • You mention on your commercials that you shot the footage on RED. Why is it so important?

All the footage was shot on RED at 4096*2304 progressive resolution thus enabling us to properly key out the green screen and deliver the highest quality stock footage currently available.  Without getting too technical, it enables you to get a cleaner pre-keyed output [including the hairs of the dancers, and hair is usually very hard to key out]