F-15 AN/APG-63 pulse-Doppler radar tutorial, Lock On Flaming Cliffs (Portion 1 of 2)


part of one of the two of a tutorial on the radar of the F-15. This has been repeatedly requested. I hope I explained things well enough. Part 1 provides an overview and then STT radar mode RWS and coincides with the AIM-7 Sparrow uses, and can be used with the AMRAAM AIM-120. We shot an IL-76. Part 2 includes tracking multiple targets TWS and use of AIM-120. We shot two sets of two goals. (4 deaths) This applies to Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2.0. Some things may change in the FC 2.0. It is expected to remain most of the same thing (if that is always changing relative to the radar). NOTE: This video was taken with the soil texture, DCS Black Shark. I have no access to FC 2.0. The cabin is also modified. I am currently improving the cockpit F-15 and many of the lessons do not fit right now. This has no influence on the content of the tutorial. I hope this will be my last tutorial before FC 2.0 is released. Sometimes I find it hard to believe Eagle Dynamics takes so long. Aero
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  1. blackbirdhere

    Hello, is definitely not a mod. I’m running FC2 with 32x CSAA, 8x super sampling, ambient occlusion … and do not look as clean standard cab .. I did some research and found a mod for the HD-F15 gauges, switches and buttons, but now it looks much nicer than the original design. Thanks for responding, although PD) here’s a link: lockonfilesDOTcom/index.php/files/file/1968-fc2-f-15c-cockpit-mod-hd-dials or

  2. ultrabaiter

    Use these buttons ..,. /

  3. ultrabaiter

    Hello, I’m not indicate the manufacturer of the vine, but I advise you to go to your GFX card and controls to enable smoothing, sharpening x2 or x4, and this tends to everything. I do not think are native to block AA and will have to set machen.Bin hink is still a guy with a mod, it seems that the standard F15 cab for me.

  4. blackbirdhere

    Friends have to install some kind of mod to make the car look as cool?

  5. owner8515

    As you move the Target ID?

  6. owner8515

    As you move the Target ID?

  7. TyTy518

    Default tab

  8. TyTy518

    I love you

  9. tronexpert123

    They are intelligent

  10. NutzloserChannel

    well, but how I can disable the enemy? I have tried to press “enter” and nothing happened. And how I can change in TWS? thx for the help

  11. OverG88

    You are partially correct when you say that TWS is better! BUT … TWS lock-on is easier to break, because sometimes you have to readjust your elevation scan! My philosophy to fly F-15C is used engagment while fighting against a target STT and TWS in the fight against multiple targets for better understanding of the situation and goals! 104th_MPAB

  12. sighisoaraa

    I do not know, but it works with the mouse.

  13. AirBorn2Kill

    I used to Track IR, I think,

  14. sighisoaraa

    How can a smooth transition in the cabin?

  15. vRAFonVATSIM

    This is probably a problem with your range of enemy planes …. The APG-63 can not be locked STT goals until they are in an area … try, with TWS, if this is the case … Never shoot an enemy or STT off in an F-15 … more … Always lock and fire in TWS mode, will pilot this way, the enemy no warning that, until triggered 120 active wird.104th_Maverick

  16. ginjaninja1988

    Can not lock on my target. You press the Enter key to lock, but only flashes in the safe deposit box at me and then disappears, as it just freezes for a split second. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help please. I have the aircraft in BVR missiles armed with ARM120. Is it perhaps the rocket?

  17. Robert Waltz
    Robert Waltz08-05-2012

    very well done. Thank you!

  18. RogueBrit

    become very chic

  19. lb8068

    “Does your brain better.” Maybe you should get a book on anatomy haha. : P jk

  20. sthral

    Hell, I thank you, man.

  21. Braunix

    Thanks for making and loading!

  22. mobius1aic

    Welcome to flight simulations.

  23. MrColdmasta

    U is the point on the screen is where the enemy is placed in the nose ur .. as the top right or bottom left .. u also need to calculate how much u want to display the set of radar to locate enemy

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