EyeClick interim results achieved in the kickstart campaign


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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

A New Tool for iPhone photography EyeClick, won by his supporters campaign finance crowd to start and moves in the second half kickoff campaign with new updates and features.

EyeClick is a device that allows users to take a picture of your iPhone with a remote control and now makes the picture of the painful arm length is unnecessary. The multi-part EyeClick comes with a stand, carrying case, remote control, electronic receiver and optional high-level objective.

Both have 4 iPhone

4S and has excellent high-quality cameras and equipment, many people use their phones as their primary photo, said David Wu, creator EyeClick. We are very excited about the EyeClick as accessories that can really improve the quality and simplicity of images taken from iPhone users everywhere to offer.


remote control to give the iPhone’s camera up to 21 meters more flexibility to allow portrait photography. With the high resolution lens, the EyeClick the eight (8) megapixel lens leads to the back of the iPhone in the viewfinder to allow the user to try a higher quality, without knowing what will be cut from flat to take.

With 16 days remaining in the initial launch campaign, Wu recently announced changes to a variety of colors and customization options included in the EyeClick.


five new color options including pink version and remove the issues of green and black boot, said Wu. In addition, we have given our fans the opportunity to customize your event with a personal message, chances are your names to the case that the Order.

EyeClick can be pre-ordered from the level of participation of $ 30 to HD-conditioning is included, starting with the level of commitment of $ 35.

For more information about the campaign kick EyeClick http://bit.ly/eyeClickKS visit.



EyeClick is a simple 4/4S remote camera accessories for the iPhone, you can add photos and videos, from friends and family without having an “arms length” distance is limited. By phone, you are free to record from the usual limitations of photographs and videos.


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