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Virtualsetworks offers new Photoshop and After Effects compatible virtual sets offer 1.5x the resolution of the HD 1080. Leaning on a Photoshop file with bells and whistles such as UV maps for talent and screens for use in compositing programs scaled correctly and reflect their talent and source B, foreground removable layers, layers of paint isolated to facilitate editing themes and color sets compensation fund is a no-brainer if the horizon has to be changed. Also included is the special channel information such as depth maps for the blur and depth of mixing depth, material IDs for the selection of certain materials, a normal map to restart, and a range of UV map when texture has to be replaced with a logo to establish elements. Will work in Final Cut and Premiere or other editor with Photoshop. Be developed directly in After Effects, Digital Fusion, Combustion or another compositing program to process high-resolution files and additional data channel.


HD Extreme format brings new Photoshop files for users of After Effects, Fusion, Combustion and other compositing applications, not to mention Photoshop itself. The 1.5x version of the HD Extreme HD resolution, for publishers and composers to reduce and cut their background adding basic 2D camera movement. Virtualsetworks Extreme HD virtual sets have many layers to control the talent position and reflection of furniture like tables for existing users of furniture, UV maps for making the replacement screen completely replace manual handling without annoying reflections on each screen , and many other additional layers such as depth and normal maps. HD Extreme format brings amazing new capabilities to users and software levels of customization previously unavailable.

These sets are a great investment in the direction of bringing more control and flexibility for the customer. No other product on the market virtual set are quite the same level of performance, says CEO Eric Pratt Virtualsetworks.

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new series are Virtualsetworks efficient products that offer multiple configurations for each scene. These rates are offered more control directly in programs like Premiere and Final Cut.

See our virtual sets in action here:

Or download a trial version of a virtual set here:

About Virtualsetworks LLC

Created to help producers and editors virtual set content access to high quality at a fraction of traditional fixed price, Virtualsetworks sets the benchmark for low-cost content storage and virtual set design.

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