Episode ten. Keying in Final Cut Pro


The Shirtless Apprentice explains how to apply the chroma important technique to previously shot green screen footage footage utilizing Final Cut Pro. For much more information, check out the great keying resources available on the CreativeCOW.net forums.
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. Bdcuser666

    Haha thanks bud you´╗┐ saved me a shit ton of time ­čÖé

  2. OfficialWachy

    you’re videos are awesome brother!

  3. YouFaildMe

    wtf 0o

  4. freeeeeemusic

    Just google for Aries-Films and download over 300 tools for video and audiot editing for PC´╗┐ and MAC.. its like goldmine for videoeditors

  5. modpodsquad

    you dont. he just said to do that because he was finished. you´╗┐ can just play it back whenever you want though, you dont have to render it everytime thats ridiculous.

  6. JiyanTV

    I love the intro song, what is it called?´╗┐

  7. lovedetective

    Walking away´╗┐ with your organization of files. Nice. Thx.

  8. monsieurlabello

    The song´╗┐ is “El Bimbo”.

  9. jivenesspie

    please someone tell´╗┐ me the name of the background song!!!!

  10. MusicDudeRock

    just scrub through it, click and hold the little arrow and just pull it along the´╗┐ video at the right speed. it might not be perfect, but it works

  11. RwudeBwoi

    Thank´╗┐ you so much, man.

  12. yaknbo

    Option R or P. One or the other´╗┐ is Preview mode.

  13. jwd0808

    Does Final cut pro have a preview mode? You shouldn’t have to render it… It’s fine for a 2 second´╗┐ clip, but what if the clip was 10 min long?

  14. moomman89

    Great learning tool.´╗┐

  15. Maxsdiscos

    Why does´╗┐ he keep playing that dodgy whistling noise after his name ???

  16. mykidsshow

    I followed the directions but it didn’t work.´╗┐ ??????????

  17. mykidsshow

    How´╗┐ did the screen turn black all of a sudden? You didn’t explain that.

  18. BoxingdayinC

    You remind me of John´╗┐ Mayer for some reason.

  19. EliaForce1984ita

    Welcome! I am´╗┐ *BOING*!!


  20. Gentili90

    Nice intro, but the tutorial is bullshit! I know where is the keying effect and how the control window works … !!!
    There is no explanation how to key properly, even the subject in front of the green screen is still´╗┐ green. Should I mention the hair??? Well, i have already lost 5 minutes for watching this … no more words. It simply sucks!

  21. macmaster4848

    This program´╗┐ is final cut express also known as final cut pro

  22. hootyhaha

    Do U have any more advanced keying vids? I’m having the hardest time with the key. The people I was working with (non budget so not a big deal) would not listen to me about getting some shadows out, and they also used a shiny neon purple screen´╗┐ cuz the subject had 2 be green & there were blue spots on the subjects costume, total keying nightmare, which explains the purple. The glossy screen reflected some of the light. SO, looking for some advanced stuff dealing with the luma or RGB keyer.

  23. Splizzash05

    gracias amigo´╗┐

  24. resistance189

    you can get final cut pro on´╗┐ google shopping…

  25. magic101magic

    fanel cut pro they dont sell it anymore but they sell final cut´╗┐ studio for 1200 bucks and final cut express for 200 bucks both for apples

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