Employing each and every other as a green-screen on a Mac


Most people tend to think

, you need a professional green screen footage and an image editing program to have a slick-looking professional backgrounds or green screen footage effects. This tutorial demonstrates how to use your Mac in conjunction with the cabin lighting program and some photo tricks in order to establish a “green screen” with almost any background. You reach the end of the tutorial, how to create professional-looking videos and background, make a video and the video overlay on an existing fund (ie, in a video conference, make it look like you are part), learn Hollywood lighting tricks and make it look as if thousands of dollars for spending on film crew, when all this came standard on your computer. I hope this tutorial helps and gives you an idea and a little creative artistic inspiration to all the filmmakers out there! Enjoy, comment, subscribe, I am an avid YouTuber, and always respond!
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  1. arendw44

    You can also go to work with iMovie greanscreen

  2. crazymusicgrl

    Rofl with banana and the smile that you did with the image of the boys.

  3. eltoritodechicago

    loading PRTY I can not find anywhere

  4. durianriders

    I fell asleep and crashed my car while watching this video!

  5. CAREERmagazine

    Thank you! You rock! But I want this immediate effect!

  6. YaZdoDi

    I like what habenloooooooooooooooooLVielen thanks to the banana

  7. NeighborhoodNinja1

    Now, a real green screen (paper or paperboard itself) is compatible with any computer. You only need a program on your Mac will be able to use it. You can benefit from the program that comes with Photo Booth, of the computer as I spend in this video and more money and Final Cut Express or Pro, a professional video editing software level that many make greater use of its Green Screen.Also yes, a green screen support

  8. ibelulu1

    my daughter at age 14 makes movies with a Flip camera and your Mac for Christmas I have to take it to a green screen, but do not know what to get. I saw a program, the ship had to go back grounds, etc. The company said none of them is compatible with Mac Meet fun that does not cost a fortune, the Mac-compatible, you know this? Thank you!

  9. NeighborhoodNinja1

    I played around and did not see it possible to use a GIF file, so do not say.

  10. MidnightCookieOW

    Cool video x) can set the background to be a gif?

  11. NeighborhoodNinja1

    You need a website and download plugin for Photo Booth, and then expand your skills with Photobooth effects much more, including a.

  12. dart2354

    How do you get the role or other lips he’s just changed?

  13. NeighborhoodNinja1


  14. NeighborhoodNinja1

    Just watch to pay more attention, I tell you, is all the information you need

  15. zeelove8

    Thank u answered my questions, I love the video! excellent!

  16. freddy2715

    how to set video as wallpaper?

  17. Metal19921701

    Thanks (

  18. NeighborhoodNinja1

    Maybe, haha โ€‹โ€‹that was a heck of a lot of work that I’m not sure how to do a tutorial on it

  19. NeighborhoodNinja1

    No! Since they are not in the program Photo Booth. A great reason to buy a Mac :).

  20. Metal19921701

    you can do with Windows?

  21. shamiss001

    They do a tutorial on how this works: p

  22. NeighborhoodNinja1

    Hard work and patience ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything was done with the Photobooth shots, and together with iMovie HD 6

  23. shamiss001

    as you have your introduction?

  24. NeighborhoodNinja1

    Yes, there is a blue wall will serve as a background. Eighth simply in the fact that there are no shadows behind you fucked up the background to focus the computer recognizes. Lighting is key, the fund could be anything, really.

  25. Moggle1

    You can do it with a wall of blue background?

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