Electric Ball 1 – Free and Pre-key!


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  1. FreeVideoAsset

    I do not think you understand the concept of what is actually entered. The black you see is actually a transparent video layer. If you are a publisher strong as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects or FCP then you might way. Compositing on the screen or one of the other options What is black then immediately remove the caliper and give the appearance pre-tuned. Fake? This is a snapshot of live video.

  2. venusarmsdotcom

    tvids88 think you’re the only one who does not understand came beforehand. No matter what background color in iMovie. If you are a series of images of black at the end, add and select the setting to fall color at the end of the clip, it should work fine. Or, it could be an accurate editing program, you can use the button. Or you could just shut the fuck up and thank this guy to go out of their way for their effects to people who want to. Yet

  3. tvids88

    That’s not my point idiot, says the title of “free and prekeyed”, the title is misleading and I can get a green screen background in iMovie, you may not argue until you know the situation. I do not know much prekeyed not, its ugly and fake looking anyway, but the title says, is to say that it is all IM.

  4. ulteriorvincent

    is’nt no means pre-keyed, you must complain about trying to make a green-screen itself is not as hard the next time a different approach

  5. tvids88

    Idiots prekeyed not! the download just gives you a simple video clip and has a green background, or something! They understand the importance of prekeyed?

  6. FreeVideoAsset

    Thanks man! When you see how I use some of these assets, check out my main channel Krotoflik. I have the hope of at least once a week, if all goes well. Health!

  7. sunbud11

    This is great! i subbed hope for more! : D

  8. Angger Aw
    Angger Aw12-11-2012

    I did. thanks: D

  9. Angger Aw
    Angger Aw12-11-2012

    Link please! Really PRE KEYED Video OMG!

  10. spector851

    How I can upload! D:

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