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www.www.andrewmercer.ca http This video gives a detailed step to step guide on how to edit with Audacity. Subscribe to stay in all new Audacity tutorials. Audacity is a very simple piece of software to use. It makes editing music and sound for pleasure. The first thing you learn in this tutorial is Audacity, how to open an existing record. It’s as easy as drag and drop the MP3, WAV, etc in the Audacity window. If you’re ready to sound a note of something you need to set the tone when pressing the mouse button and select slides on this sound remove. After selecting the sound with the sound that you just deleted your Delete key on the keyboard of your computer. If there is a section of music that she would like to expand on what you have to do is use your mouse to select and adapt to the range “window” button in Audacity. If you have a button that you are not familiar with only hover your mouse over it and his name appears for a few seconds. It’s easy to fade out a recording in Audacity. First select the part of the music you want to disappear, go to the Effect menu and select Hide. Thus simple! The same procedure applies to fade. tutorials Audacity Audacity Audacity is a free, easy to use sound recorder and editor., can be easy to use yet powerful in its features. This series of simple lessons to solve common problems with musicians Audacity to record your music in front. Audacity is a great
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style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> After the series of effects - Fun Soccer, Shaolin Soccer style

Another set of After Effects! What if my brother (GEMA) and my cousin (Roland) play football? Well, the answer is in the video! XD
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  14. Steven Lake
    Steven Lake07-26-2012

    Thanks for the clarity of its instructions. FYI the URL in the video has two WWWS not work that way.

  15. kppdragon

    How to combine the song n music together?

  16. toxic2waste

    So guys, if U see GRAY, keep out of his song and pause before you begin editing.

  17. XxlyricsXligitxX

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  18. canucmesucker

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