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some simple ways to make latex pieces to make your Halloween costume to the next level. Mehron Liquid Latex: clay works well if you get with latex paint if you are using a plaster of clay-based oil works best, if not dry. In this way, you will be able to easily find the form layout. Plaster of Paris works well if you do not get your hands on something stronger. Gypsum is also convenient to some full or partial face masks, but it gets more detailed and I’m not only taught me how. So this is something to look forward to next year for Halloween videos. Remember, you do not want your makeup brushes regularly used with liquid latex, which will ruin! Use the brush that comes in the top of the product or you do not use cheap brushes with a brush of the craft store (you can throw away later) are or sponge brush. Blog: Twitter Facebook: Personal Channel: General emails and inquiries: professional, business, media or inquiries: @ media petrilude. com Visits Halloween: products NNS = ~ ~ HEAD Mehron by the manufacturer or its public relations department forever. The pieces I have seen from the sidewalk as the vagina mutilated … haha!

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  1. MsKatienicole123

    It was like sooo amazing. Honestly now I want to do these things

  2. DecSgit1988

    the paint is actually behind you, like all his blurred

  3. Peguinstorm3005

    TRUE RaynaXSnowSO 2B)

  4. Patricia Walsh
    Patricia Walsh07-30-2012

    We carry the full range of mehronmake-up, at reasonable prices, including liquid latex in all sizes from ยฃ 4.99! We Stage Door, in Stockport UK. Order by phone 0161 4803022 or e-mail can be made, we ship anywhere!

  5. CnJz96

    This is very useful! Thank you! I just started to learn more about latex prosthetics in the past year, my next adventure is to make a latex prosthetic with a plaster negative

  6. CnJz96

    This is very useful! Thank you! I just started to learn more about latex prosthetics in the past year, my next adventure is to make a latex prosthetic with a plaster negative

  7. CnJz96

    I’m sure someone has told you by now, but if not, there are a few different ways to apply latex pieces, you can use liquid latex, and put on the prosthesis and apply to all or a thing called the putty you can get from online stores or costume, I have my gum spirit of party town, but you can probably largest online bottle … and yes, the pieces of latex, provided they have not been destroyed, can be used over and over again as many times as you wish. I hope this was very helpful ^ _ ^

  8. IshidaChosokabe

    wajmgirl to quote: “I realized that if you need to use brushes in liquid latex, you can leave them in the cleaning liquid is called a” sit back “and cause a wave of latex and is easily from the brush of pain . is great! “

  9. IshidaChosokabe

    The easiest way is actually solved with a layer of latex on the part where you want it is appropriate to apply the wait and prosthetic latex or dry. Important is for use on the skin without hair, because it hurt like hell else is going to do if you want to delete. Of course you can, to have them whenever you want, remember to use the powder, so do not stick to itself or other prosthetic items coul ruin, and thus make it impossible to use it a second time.

  10. xxBettyPagexx

    Where did you learn to do all that kind of makeup and other things like this? What book would you recommend I see it, to learn more about it?

  11. MsSokona

    @ Jadielue that was exactly what comes to mind when I saw it :/: P

  12. smokie545

    zone may extend to foam or (Plastazote)

  13. Japanfreak21

    How to become something I had to go through your own eye?

  14. Penutbutter1988

    Hi … I am new to the subject of this application Elemente.Eine Another difficulty for me is that I live in Argentina and not many people here who are gewidmet.Ich special effects makeup wanted to apply if it is not much of a problem. You could make a video explaining all materials, tools and products are used for basic exercises machen.Ich thank you very much from Argentina.

  15. kikinotuma

    What kind of glue to attach with latex on your skin? Also, if you run an attachment of latex skin – you can remove and reapply later? Thanks

  16. wajmgirl

    I found it to know if you need to use brushes in liquid latex, you can leave them in a bit of cleaning liquid that feels like a “vague” and that makes the swell of latex and is easy to remove the pain. is great!

  17. AintThatAwesome

    You should do something with the latex of the watermelon is easy and not so painful, it is also faster than they use in the haunted house in Luray VA does not know what to do if you’ve heard of Darkwood Manor is also a possibility, much video!

  18. oxxTAMIExxo

    I think it was done in the … It’s off to his brushes so cute … Latex does not come out. I heard rubbing olive oil can help with clothing, latex, so you can try on your brush, but I doubt it will work. You probably have to throw them out.

  19. yaldeoca

    ummm …. with latex, we say u 4 u dident have any reason brushes and UM or used for makeup brushes u like hot lava or keinerim verry Cerious PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ THX BYE AWNCER

  20. yaldeoca

    I love you soooooooooooooooooo cool i like ur all ur video soo cooool sand watcked

  21. IcyBluAngel

    You can get bottles of latex any costume shop. Especially around Halloween. I have my bottle of Party City, but can liquid latex online finden.stellen also be sure to compare prices before having because money is not important to you. lol.

  22. haywoodjiblomi1

    You are so creative and talented.

  23. jjjjjager98

    what is the powder called?

  24. Madd69Hatter

    What I’m wondering if I can make a cake / candy was to find something to these the ice sheet of plastic?

  25. Fatpapa247

    Google “Mehron”. and up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Theodore Jacoob07-30-2012

    Thanks for this video

  30. HaxorThunder

    Sony Vegas Pro 11

  31. looriv

    Great tutorial, clear and fast.

  32. beyblader2491

    No matter

  33. beyblader2491

    What software called Dat?

  34. happyfoxproductions

    / Watch? V = 6EAQgf5eHNY

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    Johny Von Whisky07-30-2012

    thank u: D

  36. JapaneseWaffle

    Tutorial amazing friend, is easy. Keep up the good work.

  37. PC Fixer
    PC Fixer07-30-2012

    Hey Uncle Can u make a tutorial or shoot your own clone please help me: (

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    I followed this tutorial and it was very good, check the video I call “double Army

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    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thank you soooo much!

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    omg I saw this B4, and made it looks so complicated! He had just begun to clock 04.30, the tutorial! I love this thank u!

  42. ImSuperhuman

    I have a video of cloning a few years ago …. look up “Jesse Spinks Spinks twins Lucas” In any case, is there any way I can be in the same clip as my clone? How to walk in single file, etc.? Thank you!

  43. TysonMontana

    I love it! I just found a cloning video, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ You can find it on my channel .. I speak Norwegian, but .. But thanks, I subbed!

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    omg man, thanks to impressive

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    After Pan / Crop window trimmer Any solution, please. I wish the window Pan / Crop appears at the top like yours. Please help

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    Thanks man, very easy

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    Personally, exercise easier.

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