DIY acne / scar reduction of the mask and toner

23 http my days! Half a year since I’ve done a tutorial on DIY facial mask! What I can say, guys? Natural is the way to go for skin care! ^ _ ^ This mask / skin toner remedy has many advantages, such as scar reduction Treats stains refines pores clogged pores tightens the skin anti-aging anti-inflammatory skin lightening skin moisturizing benefits detoxer agent Cleanser This mask / toner frickin amazing kids! I LOVE IT! My jewelry (earrings, necklaces and bracelets lol) are all DSK jewelry: Stay well bubbiful the beloved, Bubbi xx

  1. Anszara1

    I accidentally bought distilled vinegar. What I can do?

  2. fallondriade

    toner every night or only 2 times a week?

  3. mercedesirasel

    This is off topic, but where is the platform of Hello Kitty? It’s so beautiful! 🙂

  4. BloodOnRazors

    Anything else that could be used in addition to honey? The egg yolk? Olive oil?

  5. ANATIK024

    u can melt the honey and it’s a hard place nasal discharge? and u can use brown sugar if u dnt have white?

  6. Olive Kitten
    Olive Kitten08-06-2012

    ¿I can use lemon juice and olive oil to the toner? Or cancel each other out of the way?

  7. ShannonLuvsPENGUINS

    yes, it was probably ok lol

  8. TheChelsea1459

    You can do this without the apple cider vinegar?

  9. mmk94100

    ? ¿I can use toner every night, even if you use the EXCLUDE mask? Help!

  10. AneesaColeman101

    I thank you for this … I will try it 🙂

  11. jordan cheater
    jordan cheater08-06-2012

    I tried the mask and toner .. and it did wonders for my skin! thank you very much!

  12. PicklesRcrunchy

    She said:” I can not stress enough not to use vinegar ordinary men. “:/

  13. PicklesRcrunchy

    This is only because of the exfoliating sugar XD. Okay, it’s normal for your face red, going away and within 15 minutes.

  14. AvalonIsOkay

    Yes, haha, you can find in any store. I also like .. Liquor stores haha. This is a red vinegar.

  15. pattxsang

    I guess it’s okay to use. Research more on this in acne.

  16. pattxsang

    Yes back to normal after a few minutes or less.

  17. pattxsang

    Obviously, the use of this is not the first time you enter into force immediately. You have to give it some time to make it really magical. Normally, it would be about 2 weeks or so to determine some of the latest results.

  18. pattxsang

    You should be able to find in a local grocery store. However, you can try a supermarket.

  19. pattxsang

    They were probably used for cider vinegar. No vinegar.

  20. pattxsang

    More than two weeks. I have more than one month.

  21. DinosourousRexx

    She said 2 weeks in the video, as for toner

  22. luckyclovermoonlight

    told them not u ………

  23. Starfurlife17

    the time it takes the latter form in the fridge?

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