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Mark Wallace speaks weeks high key lighting and Low Key. In its simplest form, a high key image is a bright, full of light and especially the whites, while a low-profile image, one. Dark and rich, with minimal lighting in shades of black and plenty of shade Let’s consider these two dramatic lighting to explore alternatives. For more articles and videos related to light and the picture, click here: find the following products in this episode 7 “honeycomb Matthews 20 degrees 48” x 48 “Bandera Road send video tour photography more than send questions to:

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  10. Edu221076

    Hi Mark, great job … can tell us what are the values ​​used to turn lighting low profile? Thank you for your vids!

  11. owcc

    Who cares if it’s boring! It’s all about what he was teaching, and he made his point … GOOD JOB!

  12. Ehecatl1138

    It looks so boring!

  13. topicrass

    Camera settings?

  14. 1550592535

    is boring

  15. pitopo2002

    recordings with the light switch, there is a great light on the right side. So that you forget or are not telling us all the equipment you mentioned?

  16. mattcol99

    this explains

  17. JoTerified

    Thanks Mark

  18. kettlepot

    hey Mark, I’ve blown up the keynotes, which I think stands out most compared to whites with a smoothly. seen it blows just semantics?

  19. Rezaroth

    I told all my friends in Saudi Arabia in their vids were so happey.

  20. fcmonnard

    All videos are so great! Keep up the good work!

  21. rosn73

    Hi Mark .. Thanks for all your videos … could you please tell me what camera settings for the lighting was low profile? Thanks again

  22. rosn73

    Hi Mark .. thanks for all of our videos … could you please tell me what camera settings for the lighting was low profile? Thanks again

  23. robwallace714

    Thanks Mark .. I am a new user and am in the process of creating my first studio. I look Adorama flashpoint II .. 320 Which leads me in the right direction. Your videos are very informative and useful.

  24. cloudiax

    Mark good work!

  25. Av3rnus

    That was so great! Thank you! Mark, completely under your point of view here on youtube! D Thanks for doing this and keep it up please thanks Adorama!

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