Digital Photography 1 to 1: Episode 43: The Fundamentals Camera Flash: Adorama Photography Television


This week

says Mark Wallace on camera flash. There are ways we can adjust the camera flash to control our lighting. We jump from our flash of ceilings, walls or reflectors and Mark will show us how. To learn more about the units in camera flash and reflectors mentioned in this video, and other articles and previous flash videos, go here: see visit for videos more pictures! Send your questions to:
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  1. cmcclo1

    Why do you need the lens cover in the study?

  2. handsome2302

    This technique does not work outside shots on my D90 works. When I try to shoot in manual mode, increasing the shutter speed will make the whole picture not just underexposed the ambient light, and put my flash in manual mode. Am I missing something?

  3. aidanz2006

    As is to be very close 🙂 DOF is shallow, the closer you are to your subject.

  4. Karlobster

    I have a question. He says he is at f16 then how the hell did he get this great depth of field? I am an amateur, and I feel like I’m missing something XD Same goes with Bryan in the morning. He shoots the F11 is placed around the openings, but remains large DOF. I do not understand lol

  5. devonmale69

    Light takes the color? how stupid you are? White light is full spectrum, if you see a wall of green to the naked eye, is because it absorbs all colors and reflects the green light only in the. no color is just color capacity, which meets in the light to reflect. red light green wall, and is colored black

  6. chafbar

    Thanks to Mr. Mark Wallace

  7. K3vindust

    The best tutorial on YouTube hands down, Hey Mark, I have a question I’m struggling in flash photography and start small, what is the best technique for shooting with camera flash and nothing in the legs?

  8. lol71019

    Thank you. That was very good. I have it here in Melbourne, Australia.

  9. sourabhkshatriya

    You’re a great teacher …

  10. james07jamesjames

    Twelve and eighteen. Directly from the camera, I shot publishing potential. : P

  11. amir0103

    What if I do not hv the reflector. And the wall is colored. I flash the gel?

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  13. MrFernuti

    Sam looks better with that short haircut emo

  14. TheShpunken

    If you pull a shot of Sam plastic camera, it would look good. Just a girl who is hot enough to be a model in Scotland and is always booked! If FHM had an evil twin ugly women, the top 100 was filmed here werden.Was Sam was the number again ….

  15. fustah

    Marcos, the properties of flash using the Nikon? iTTL, iTTL / BL or M? Thank you.

  16. crossover37

    Great video, but you can show the comparisons at the end of the next hour? She showed them the outside but not inside.

  17. ncummins80

    Ty Ty Ty Ty SO MUCH! This has really helped me understand my 5D Mark 2 and my Speedlite 430 EX 2 that I bought with it. I actually take effect, the idea of ​​enlightenment.

  18. snapfactory

    Yes, I would say the shutter priority. Thanks for the catch. 🙂

  19. snapfactory

    The flash exposure compensation button, you can leave the bottom at the same level and adjust the flash power – but leave the flash in consistent performance and adjust the ambient light you have to shoot in manual mode. In a Nikon flash exposure compensation adjusts the flash output and leaves the ambient light exposure alone, however, is an effect of global change and Flash * and * ambient light. Do some experiments and see the difference.

  20. Maaniic

    Correction: is the compensation front line is back in fashion

  21. Maaniic

    The Nikon can not use the flash compensation button and reset the dial level? The D90 is the same button will flash.

  22. owenmusicministry

    Episode 43 places in the end, the example of the use of a reflector disc, light from a Nikon rebound Blitz.Mark camera/SB900 with aperture priority mood with a reading of the 60th of Sekunde.Es not sure if Mark wanted to say instead of shutter priority.

  23. qdtphotog

    Thanks for another great informative video. It would have been nice if the model smiled or two 😉

  24. RFguy8

    Mark, keep up the good work. I find useful and helpful videos. I have enjoyed all your videos.

  25. hoodwink325

    Just ask the owner of the reflector by Adorama. Only $ 63 U.S. dollars total!

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  27. creepyb0ner

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  28. 04Ezioa

    When I click, double-click, nothing happens oO why?

  29. SHlNOBl3

    First mediafire link is broken

  30. gusjuniart

    that part is afterFX.dll? I just need one?

  31. monskiotmontero

    It works men! Thank you!

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  37. everythingbeOK

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  39. GrandDigitalMovies

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  40. MrPawelooo96

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  50. 123millare

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