Devo – Mongoloid


Director: Andrew Mahon – www.andrewmahon.information Erik Carter – image: Web

  1. 71darthead

    It’s a little known fact that four of the members were of the Mongoloid devotion and infiltrated behind enemy lines in Vietnam and held the record of deaths sighte longer open …. All of them underwent surgery at Walter Reid Hosp in 1975 but was never a priority in their forheads thus pot hats, made famous in Whip It

  2. JohnnyThrozzles1

    great video of an epic song

  3. arklat

    and nobody cared.


    Great song, stupid video

  5. junkiesagainstcrime

    The DEA believes that we ARE MONOGOLOIDS of your property.

  6. Chadd Bow
    Chadd Bow07-05-2012

    Me and my best friend died laughing at this comment beyond video

  7. Eriwgam

    hahahahahaha, no Carl Brown and Einstein were not the firms that ignore pure! There were scientists, the Jews control the media, the spirits of the world. And not for the collective greatness and glory, but for themselves the benefits and ego.

  8. pirro17

    43 people have close encounters with Big Dick

  9. dirtboysteve

    You know what I mean by Devo, we’re running a deal

  10. tinjam

    SEARCH 11 companies that collaborated with the Nazis surprising. This article implies that companies take pride in their work. I guess they were doing when you do your job you do not end like that. However, the fear of death and concentration camps left many people in the big fight with N.

  11. tinjam

    The Nazis did not invent any of this shit, Mong explore it. They were responsible for working with specific companies. However, companies were forced to work with the German army, afraid of death. All businesses were allowed to keep his Jewish workers.

  12. goldfinger502

    The world’s tallest man was Japanese …

  13. anenlightenedview

    Nutjob detected. His attempt to appear smart, is a massive failure.

  14. Tryambakam

    43 people are Mongoloid

  15. TomValedro


  16. Eriwgam

    lol,,, in the future, are lifetime indefinitely. My plans are to work, quantum entanglement and organic chemistry. One day he was removed from the existence and the world a better place sein.Faggot Troll

  17. samjowen

    I was very excited and thought the title says: “Devvo”

  18. derpestarzt

    His sense diatribes that do exactly what an imaginative attempt to screw together, all crazy and politically incorrect … so what is wrong at some point to see the trolls their sound child porn high Asia.

  19. Eriwgam

    Talking about 700 million slaves monkeys AKA Mongoloids (SCIENCE) Speaking about how the trains are more than social cross, speaking of innate psychotic monkey slave rape children with small penises ….. in a conversation about consious of a tribe that has the highest birth hermaphrodite! These scum bags people.are Asia cursed. You just do not suddenly make the language matter? Is higher because there is less pregnant than 9 J√§hrige.Das what they are.

  20. derpestarzt

    Who is speaking? What a spastic! There is also a racist or a Nazi, called for all the comments, they have no ideology or philosophy behind it, you’re just ignorant piece of shit, nothing more and nothing less. The Japanese are bigger than the Chinese? Really? lol I mean, even if that were true, who the hell cares? They have a fetish for big Asian Boys or something? Freak ….

  21. derpestarzt

    No, you will not be immortal, ever. Each time the technology is available, you will not be able to pay, but the political ones and business leaders, people you trust so much and have so much confidence to be at stake afford it only remains to push the little lamb are supported.

  22. Eriwgam

    In addition, if any power to do this was. Speaking of the community based on the government to kill me cause your site. He’s a fan of incest full of small minded.

  23. Eriwgam

    Well friend, we will be immortal in 2020. Stem cells and the like. Now, how the hell this is going to work? Idk man, maybe that is a bit complex and can not be so fucking get your special, to be fucked by hundreds of thousands of dollars in advanced weapons and not with some protection. The money that is worth printing on your very soon. Greed is cured of Nazi science. Fuck you and your lack of faith in humanity,

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