Dedo Lighting Workshop – Interview Set-up


Lately German cinematographer Dedo Weigert, inventor of Dedolights, presented a series of lighting workshops at Abel Cine Tech. In this ten-minute excerpt from his master class in lighting method, he demonstrates how to uses a 5-piece lighting kit for an interview set-up. He shows how to use important light, kicker, back light, background and fill lights to obtain the desired impact.
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  1. tygrrr19

    Mr Dedo Weigert is a Guru and master of lighting and your teachings are so enlightening.´╗┐ Thank you ­čÖé

  2. dehester

    she pretty
    i like her serious demeanor too

    (her little smile at´╗┐ 8:14 is extra beautiful)

  3. EvangelistaBoccadoro

    Great Seminar Very Helpful and directly´╗┐ from the Master!

  4. polyxena11

    @ Any VDO:
    we use ND to reduce light without changing the colour temperature that occurs with dimming lights.
    In this case the source was close to the wall so the Grad ND was used to darken the the brightest area, (closer to wall side of the light), and thus even´╗┐ out the light beam so the darker ND grad area ‘flagged’ the brightest area of light,

  5. AnyVDO

    at 7:22 why are you using ND filters reducing the light? I thought the idea of Dedo lights were that you can DIM´╗┐ the light using the faders as required?

  6. Chrissybrighton

    Thank you thank you – so very useful and what a change with the lighting´╗┐ setup!

  7. Dedohead

    This guy, who ever he is,´╗┐ is stealing my lighting seminar notes!

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