DaVinci Resolve #13


How to important 2 Layers with each other. The beach shot is a RED 1 r3d file and the green screen footage girl an EPIC originated MOV file.
Video Rating: 5 / five

  1. scotthenderson9

    Warren, thanks for getting me started in Resolve. I looked at the 300 plus page manual and right away went to the internet for help. You gave me enough info for me to start playing around, and I am sure I can now muddle through a simple project. I have been to Australia a few times and quite liked Bondi Beach. I would also like to recommend on Youtube “The Ultimate Dog Tease.” I could hear your dog barking at the end of one of the tutorials. He sounds like a great guy.

  2. graficline

    Hi, I have a question please. How can you put available this timeline in the view? The one where you add the 2 layers.

  3. KoltMekka


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