CyberLink PowerDirector 7 – PiP Designer


“Grow to be a fan on Facebook CyberLink see” PowerDirector 7 lets you produce sophisticated image overlays, chroma-essential effects and masks, with up to 6 independently animated objects. This video tutorial is for demonstration purposes. Please direct any product help inquiries connected to CyberLink Help Team: of usability troubles, please visit our User Forum:

  1. thesims3luver

    How you need to download new files as PIP wheres the link to the website

  2. hackerinside

    Thank you, Lord …

  3. SirHorryPatter

    10/10 … Thank you, sir.

  4. SHE37

    thnx! that really helped

  5. RockTheOcean4me

    This was a very useful video. She made it very easy for me now, man, thanks! Sharkie

  6. robhaughtoncomedy

    ah, ok. Thanks

  7. Dynamicparodox

    If I remember correctly, is the series for CyberLink PowerDirector 7

  8. robhaughtoncomedy

    For those of us who are ignorant, what is this code?

  9. robhaughtoncomedy

    All I have to find videos with a still image from a video or presentation of another image. I have a video of a video PowerDirector7 Deluxe, the cheapest version is out, so it’s possible. Check out “my son of the Beast” for details.

  10. legomoviemaker1


  11. legomoviemaker1

    In the PiP PD7 left, click the drop-down menu and click PIP custom objects (or similar), then all objects created will be there

  12. CubbyHouseFilms

    Well done PD7. View cubbyhousefilms for more examples of how well the EP

  13. nogardbeau

    No need for power in the PowerDirector 7 I have Vegas Movie Studio 9 I sprite animation, but my 5-idea. And I have 100 music videos.

  14. Dynamicparodox

    this. Do not ask how I got it. 🙂 BJJZCE7BQCAEUUK5S7NWD5QCMBLK85

  15. 573757

    Well, I’m trying to create a PIP from the beginning, and I am able to create designer fine, but when I try to save and be a: not in my library (yes, I have change the aspect ratio) b : every time I go to the site to download and I do every time I try to upload it to the library I get the message “These projects aspect ratio is” x: x “and replace” x:. x “In other words, the PIP does not appear in my library help is appreciated,. I’ve tried everything.

  16. aidanbard

    This form will come with free forms, such as Adobe After Effects does

  17. SinisterAudio

    ermmm well I have PS 7.0 and when I add a new keyframe to work, but when I look where I put the clip to play, just show me the PiP object, not the object PiP clip when I saw bewegt.Auch the “blue arrow ^” drag on the timeline, it plays only the movement of the PIP object. am I to “mask / blur ‘test car registration as a practice. someone can help me? Chis

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