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0 20px 10px src=”” />, a leading provider of online crowdsourcing footage on the net today, just announced that music production are also customizable to its already strong clips 325,000 royalty-free video offering. It is an audio and music as an integral part of the workflow moving story, obviously is an addition to the range of intakes current values.

To kick off this musical production Clipcanvas catalog has partnered with SmartSound software. SmartSound is the leading provider of free, personalized music for creative communication industries. It is a patented technology and huge library of music that can be tailored to specific needs and the creative moment a video project to bring new creative options and flexibility to visual artists of all levels. “We are really impressed with the art and featured music from SmartSound, and this was a logical step for us at this time. Gives us also the opportunity to develop some additional audiovisual capabilities for the future”, says CEO of Cato Salter Clipcanvas.

The offer starts with about 4,000 songs – all customized to suit individual production. This includes all genres, from classical, jazz, pop, rock and indie music, theater, lounge music, sound effects, moods and electronic beats. Cato said: “It is a large and diverse collection of music tracks and sound effects for the most demanding needs of the production, and is a great platform for us to build on this offer to develop forward for us this is the right. Our first step audio source users -. finding both as a means of producing media projects and better quality at a reasonable price, and as a way for music production houses, their work to a wider public offer is our 100% useful goal, and this is just a step in the right direction, we believe that “You can see the production of the music on offer here. [How to produce music


president and CEO, said Kevin Klingler;? “Our cloud-based music production system called Quicktracks offers users the ability to easily add the length of the composition is adjusted so your scene or a film, and precise movement, layout and mix of music, so you can easily mood of the image. SmartSound is the first product that communications professionals have complete control over how music fits your image. “

videos Clipcanvas stock market, the music is licensed under a royalty-free license that allows use in production worldwide. across all media, in perpetuity can be adjusted for any length of time, is provided with a variety of compositions and mixtures as instruments and downloadable WMV high. Typical applications include commercial and non-commercial applications, such as TV shows, online videos, documentaries, concerts, digital signage, corporate video, fairs and events.

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Clipcanvas runs a weekly drawing for the rest of 2012 – where users can upload images and test the service. In addition, there are about 100 video clips free stock Clipcanvas web site for some of the production companies, many filmmakers and videographers offer their recordings for sale through the Service.


Clipcanvas is one of the largest online marketplaces footage free free today with a very large and growing archive of over 325,000 high-definition 1080p video clips of actions, including a small but growing collection 4k clips, and nearly 4,000 production music tracks available for download. All content is free and free media available for download are mostly in a codec and format widely used today. Individual producers from more than 50 countries provide their own work for sale on Clipcanvas, and also their own prices range from cheap to expensive and unique content. was released in May 2008 and lives in Oslo, Norway.

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About SmartSound Software, Inc.

SmartSound Software, Inc., the world leader in customized solutions royalty free music and soundtrack for visual content creators will be in Northridge, CA, USA. The company has been at the forefront of technological innovations in the industry, such as Quicktracks winning cloud-based music customization and Sonicfire Pro software with a custom length, timing and Mood Mapping? Functions for current Windows and Mac OS platforms. Other software products include plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Avid / Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects CS CS 5.x and 5.x their Quicktracks? OEM SDK is integrated into the video software from Adobe, Avid, Corel, Cyberlink, Roxio and others. SmartSound offers a large library of music and increasing Royalty stereo and multi-layer format with control instruments layers separated.

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