==Creating Sliding and Reflecting Text===


Larger Quality Video File: www.megaupload.com Right here is my 2nd tutorial. It shows how to make text that slides and reflects. One thing I forgot to say is: At the finish, turn the opacity of the reflecting layer down to 90 or 80. And Use a blur impact or a feather on the reflect layer to get a glassy appear. Fonts: www.1001fonts.com Rawr. Microphone is nonetheless bad. xP Visit www.tazer.co.nr

  1. ketchie

    how can i select 2 or more than frames??

  2. turnerguru

    its a great video, but if your mic is bad then turn off the music xD.

  3. rockybalboea

    what is the name of the font you are useing?

  4. ReAvErS1101

    hey where do you get your fonts from? also is it possible to download fonts and put them in a folder so you can access them with after effects? btw nice skills. ill subscribe.

  5. l0rdtaz3r

    You know I have more tutorials than just this right?

  6. powerplaying

    nice keep them coming u got talent i subscribed :D

  7. nemury

    Hey thanks alot ….thx alot i`ve been searching for this type of tutorial for a very long time! Keep in touch bro…thx again

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