Creating simple video edits from Premiere Pro CS5 Important Coaching


Watch the whole course at In Premiere Pro CS5 Vital Training, author Chad Perkins shows not only how to edit video with Premiere Pro, he also explains how to use video to tell compelling stories. This course covers the Premiere Pro workflow from a high level, offering a background on how projects go from commence to finish prior to diving into fundamental clip adjustments, such as color correcting scenes for a lot more dramatic impact, applying transitions properly, and slowing down and speeding up clip playback. The course consists of creative techniques, such as producing titles and removing a green screen footage background from a shot.
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  1. SK8F0RLiF355

    @Errordemn6 yes you have to rick click and on the video and make sure you like resize so it fits or the fit button underneath the video

  2. Errordemn6

    @SK8F0RLiF355 same here! did u figure it out?

  3. TheMentalSpartans

    @Mada91 change the extension to .mpg (example) youtube.mpg

  4. onebighoe

    Thank you so much. Adobe software is hard to learn.

  5. SK8F0RLiF355

    When I start me video its all zoommed in can you help me please reply

  6. CamaraMountClamp

    Check out the new CAM CLAMPER

  7. WeeklyTop10Lyrics

    @latinoflavored the basic…. :K

  8. BigTysHouseOfTech

    What If I want to just make a cut in the video. Cause I jump-cut around the screen when I vlog and I would like to know how to make a basic cut. Seriously, I feel like such a noob for asking this -___- Can anyone help me?

  9. SockPuppetPsycho

    @arrowrat more like his dad…

  10. Vustog123456789


    Can you edit gameplay vids and is this on Windows 7 aswell?

  11. habs798693

    Very helpful. rocks!

  12. s0fja

    But what about the sound, I need to cut it too?

  13. TimTV83

    I get a red line through the tools when I have the pointer over the timeline, what’s the deal?

  14. supereggz1

    I tried using this, but I prefer FCP 7 any day.. Im not a professional editor by any means but wow what a difference between the 2 is light and day!!

  15. kazoo00

    i uploaded a HD 1080p video from my camcorder and the video plays but the sound does not..what is the problem?

  16. ralphp1800

    @Mada91 I think you export it and then use media encoder to save it

  17. latinoflavored

    Too slow and talks too much about the same thing.

  18. EpicEish

    See you at the Pirate Bay ;)

  19. arrowrat

    is it just me, or does he sound like Andrew Kramer from Videocopilot?

  20. MultiJacob123

    I have a start up problem. When I starting up my premiere pro I want to create a new sequense, and when I going to selct a sequense preset I can´t find anything that´s watch my 1080p camera.

  21. MrLovelymichael

    I have an issue in premiere Cs5. someone has sent me the source files for a project. when i export it the quality is very bad. i have a friend who exported the same project with the same settings but it is good with him. i live in Egypt, so i think we can use team viewer to figure out this issue. and i will pay for it. for any one can helps

  22. RCRacing88

    Very informative… i find this really easy to follow 🙂 thankyou

  23. abcd2468abcd2468

    is it possible to import a youtube video and to copy a part of that video?

  24. Mada91

    How do you save a video as a movie or mpg? Im trying to upload it on youtube.

  25. i8fiveZigZagz

    @Jbizzle3000 I think 5 min. is a good amount of time.

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