Creating Of Angry Birds – Real Life – Interactive 3D Animated Film


Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: Here is the finished video: In this filmmaking tutorial I explain how I did the Angry Birds in Real Life video with DeStorm and JReyez. I explain how I filmed it using a DSLR camera. Canon 7D using the kit stock lens 18-135mm zoom. Also I show you how I animated the birds in 3D using Autodesk Maya 2012. Then how I painted the textures using Photoshop. Also how I composited them in Adobe After Effects and then did the final sounds in Adobe Premiere CS5. SUBSCRIBE for more film and video tutorials, tips and tricks ! Tweet this video and post it on facebook if you like it! My Facebook App: Video by Tom Antos : Also Starring DeStorm : JReyez : Music by Christopher Charles : MAKING OF and BEHIND THE SCENE OF ANGRY BIRDS REAL LIFE – INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAME MAKING OF and BEHIND THE SCENE OF ANGRY BIRDS REAL LIFE – INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAME MAKING OF and BEHIND THE SCENE OF ANGRY BIRDS REAL LIFE – INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAME
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  1. theXDfull

    I can give the scene of angry birds that make them very difficult for me please

  2. Phishi32605

    Hey, you could make a tutorial about making Angry Birds in Maya, (with rigging), that would be very good. I made an the red one, but when I rig it, it’s not that, what I wanted to….

  3. YaBoyJDub1

    He blatantly said that he had to work fast, and wanted to spend more time on the models, but couldn’t… o_o

  4. caloTV

    so why Maya over 3Ds Max? i really want to get into maya considering this was the program used to create the CGI in Transformers, Avatar, Titanic. but the only thing is that 3Ds Max has Rayfire, FumeFX, Krakotoa. while maya has barely any plugins like this. im looking for a COrridordigital effect with shatering objects, destruction of buildings etc.

  5. Ickathu

    Check out Blender 3d (blender [.] org) I use that and it’s just as good (if not better)

  6. ltzLuuk

    @119markus1 it’s actually possible to get it for free legally, search on youtube for it! You can get it for “educational” purposes.

  7. 119markus1

    I want to buy maya, but I looked up for prices and I saw $ 3500 (american) isn`t there any cheaper version?

  8. Addepat

    i’m sorry to say but the shading and lighting is bad. The objects don’t look real, bad texturing. Also the sand, dust etc on the ground don’t convince me.
    But keep on trying. 🙂

  9. tmaster901

    do you know any free 3d animation software.

  10. Rafu1128

    I did it.Look for it commenters

  11. constantupgrader

    fantastic job. i wish that i could be like you

  12. Flobbies

    Nice, you should make a download link to the models that you made..

  13. PusStephen

    How do you incorporate the animations into the actual video footage? Do you bring the footage up in Maya and animate over the top of it? If so, how is that done?

  14. BrigazoidTV

    What if you wanted to mix real life with 2d animation? i’ve always wanted 2 do that

  15. videogamersjuegosxd

    is the program is

  16. fekulekaka

    And what is your 3D tracking software ?

  17. Zeter411

    Because he liked it, secretly :p

  18. garaza404

    Respect 🙂 Can you do this in C4D instead of Maya?

  19. woodyvsbuzzas

    what do you press to make the sphere gray? before its transparent

  20. crystalfirex098


  21. crystalfirex098

    he is only the angry birds are

  22. MrAlexisDouk1

    can you make them into pmd?

  23. haadk1701901

    hey how did you add the birds the video

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