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download and use this material for private video / commercial. All images on this channel were created by Nissim Farin for your own use. A credit of “Footage Iceland” on your project will be considered 🙂
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style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Saving Lincoln - Motion Poster HD - a new film about Abraham Lincoln (teaser) / Lincoln Savings Based on a true story about a totally green screen,” Saving Lincoln explores “Abraham Lincoln ordeal as Commander in Chief from the perspective of his friend and bodyguard, USA Marshal Ward Hill Lamon. The colors Lamon was a Southerner, the 16th President stored for several assassination attempts, starting shortly after being elected in 1860. Saying such a rich history with an independent budget director Salvador Litvak created virtual sets and location of existing photographs of the Civil War era, through a process he calls CineCollage. “Old photos are not unique backgrounds in ‘Saving Lincoln,'” says Litvak. “They are 3D environments to inform Lamon story as much as the house.”

  1. Bill Mills
    Bill Mills12-23-2012

    They always do a great job! I was a “fan” and lifted the stock from you for some time now with much gratitude. This is also great. But, if my desire to “be asking if I could do the SAEM with the image of a C Toyota Prius (hybrid) in the same color as one that has a color called” Blue Streak “Nice, this one matrix close. If I were able to use these movements had in Green Prius I, and include double / take photos of my actual personal vehicle. had to ask. 😉

  2. Inside717

    Lol so funny scenes

  3. DaShmoop1es

    You could 60fps, but then add a download link in desc mediafire or something? 🙂

  4. potenttokin

    Thanks man, I got used to it, let me know what you think :/ watch? V = GaXAHEfplJs

  5. Vickers Video
    Vickers Video12-23-2012

    is that a sling? lol

  6. Rtv03

    My savior! Thanks man!

  7. TheRenato3185

    use a different video service?


    thank u .. and right …….. Thanks again

  9. footageisland

    I can 60fps, but youtube converted back to 30 .. Apology

  10. fanna1119

    youtube automatically converted to 30 .. So what is the point ..


    I want to ask u about this film can reach 60 fps please if you can or can not answer, please wait u ………………. new love u


    well, what we’re looking for more action scenes do not even realistic cars, but to me, I like …….. I want more and expect more, and why not again (more)

  13. ivanilson626

    It’s good and kind of create a realistic car

  14. Colteal

    interesting things!

  15. Dejael Long
    Dejael Long12-23-2012

    Thank you! I can not wait to see it. I love all the friendly projects our beloved President Lincoln.

  16. savinglincolnmovie

    Thanks for asking. The plan is Februrary 2013th

  17. Dejael Long
    Dejael Long12-23-2012

    Where is opened? Where can we see it?

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