Create lower thirds for video using PhotoShop Elements


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Laptop screen replacement, LCD screen replacement guide [IBM ThinkPad T60]

By – how to properly replace an LCD screen in a laptop IBM ThinkPad T60. Self install instructions, for some one considering replacing their broken LCD screen on their own. (step-by-step instructions to change display panel) This Laptop Screen replacement repair / installation guide is based on IBM ThinkPad T60. It will also work for similar T60 T40 T41 T42 T43 T61 T60P T61P and all sub models. Display replacement is easy on all laptops and netbooks: they all share similar LCD panels, with LED or CCFL backlight, which need to come out of the bezel to be replaced with a new screen. Make sure to disconnect the power and remove the battery, laptop’s inverter has high voltage, don’t get shocked. VIsit for more FAQ’s

  1. TobyYounis

    Bill. Thank you. It worked perfectly for me.


  2. Hatrevivalist

    You are a genius Bill just what I was looking for

  3. kimmaytube

    thanks Bill!

  4. guerillabill

    Sure, if you have fireworks.

  5. Chromajt

    Why not just use Fireworks it is very similar and much easer

  6. guerillabill

    Set your project properties to match the final render properties so your preview window matches the size and aspect of the rendered video.

    Then turn on the safe area overlay in the preview window.

    This will allow you to postition the lower third where it will be seen on the rendered video.

  7. johngreasy

    Bill I learned how to create the lower 3rd but now I need to know how to keep the Lower Third at the bottom of the screen. When I go to event pan crop and bring it to the bottom it stays there. When I render it and take to to architect and burn a CD it’s not at the bottom anymore. What can i do to keep it at the bottom like yours.

  8. guerillabill

    Place the lower third graphic on video track above the video track the lower third should overlay.

  9. chhs1995

    Can you advise on adding the png file to the track in vegas?

  10. lawandorder10

    Thanks again Bill! Brilliant as usual.

  11. genchoxhapro

    Thank you very much!

  12. genchoxhapro

    Thank you very much!

  13. itube134


  14. laptopscreencom

    Anything is possible, but not recommended.
    It would be a lot more headache than it’s worth.

  15. kassoh123

    Great video!
    Do you know if one would be able to get a LED screen and replace the LCD screen in let say a T410?

  16. itsbigdan

    do you have a w520 tutorial for this? is it possible to use any LCD? for example if your display has lower resolution limit and you want to have a higher resolution display. would this be possible?

  17. laptopscreencom

    Use an exact-o-knife or scalpel to pick them off with no damage.

  18. TheMegaHollow

    Is it sad that I can’t figure out how to take off screw covers….?

  19. Zardoz1977

    I got a plastic bar outside on the right side (middle) of the display frame. What is that? I got a T60 – 1951. Please PM me…

  20. tingtangtom

    Thank you.
    Very good video.

  21. TheJumpingJumper

    Thank you so much for this!

  22. tpcuser

    Do you have a guide for replacing screen latch for X41, Thanks

  23. hahalolalaere

    Can u help me my IBM charger broke can u please make a video on how to fix it please

  24. ViD3R

    What LCD screens could be used on this Lenovo T60? I have one as well and I’d like to know if there are any compatible low power replacements to the supplied LCD screen. Are there? Thanks 🙂

  25. IlltouchU

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks to this video I replaced my broken display in just some minutes. A little difference at my T60: 3 screws below, 3 on the left and 3 on the right, 0 on top.
    I had some trouble because of bad light – stupid

    Vielen Dank!!!

  26. IlltouchU

    Thanks a lot!

    Now I can start replacing the display without any fear! Thank You!

  27. laptopscreencom

    I’m pretty sure it would go something similar to what you see here – gain access to the LCD panel, carefully take it out, then put the new one in. Personally I have not dealt with G550, so I don’t have any particular details to contribute.

  28. josyula547

    How to do it for Lenovo g550??

  29. CharlesWGraham

    Thanks, I have the T60 in the video and the screen is starting to go. Will check out your site

  30. lilhazzaman

    Thanks very much :D:D

  31. Pterocarpous

    Excellent instruction video. Well done.  Thank you!

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