CraterFace: The Show Moon! 720p HD time lapse compilation


known terrestrial satellites

never seen looks so different! Shot of Santa Clarita, California from 2007 to 2011 shows that this compilation interesting shot some night scenes shots / night with a number of different cameras, lenses and even a telescope for a wide range of opinions. Includes some unusual cloud silhouettes, a plurality of phases of the moon, and even some moon rings (moonbows) are due to the refraction of moonlight caused by tiny ice crystals in thin layers of cirrus altitude. Enjoy the show! Equipment used: Canon 5Dmk2, 5S is, SX10-is HF100, JVC DVM-60, Celestron 80 EQ Original Music “bio” (dream version) in written and performed by a technician (server) of the “Random” CD available on iTunes : and the Technician website: Generic Description: This full-length, medium-res YouTube clips load contains many file footage image library stock JCMDI 1080p HD and SD lapse time, slow motion, clouds, sky, stars, jet trails, moon, hummingbirds, and nature stock JCMDI.COM material available. This material iscopyrighted, but you can record directly from YouTube and use it for free in their own YouTube videos non-profit/non-commercial. Politics full free use can be found here (please read before JCMDI material): technical soundtracks on iTunes: Thanks for watching and reading =)
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  1. Kevin Harding
    Kevin Harding11-29-2012

    Ahh, after saying yes. Seen again see dazzling movement in porportion with the Moon Thanks!

  2. jcmegabyte

    That’s just a mirrored lens flare (internal reflection within the lens itself) of the moon as it moves through the frame … Thanks for checking out! =)

  3. Kevin Harding
    Kevin Harding11-29-2012

    A 1.37 bis 01.49 clock, what are the other planets in search ball almost in half and starts moving to the north-west angle of the viewer

  4. videoluvr4204

    wow this is amazing, my friend simply divine!

  5. Muslim4liyfe


  6. Cosmored3

    Speaking of the moon … The Apollo moon missions were faked in a studio. Here’s a link to some of the Beweis.spurstalk (dot) com / forums / showthread (dot) php? t = 144 487

  7. sidewaysgravity790


  8. tnt33062

    Look at the position of the reference points on the moon, and then look at 5:25, you will see that they are all in a different place! Then at 6:06 they have moved backwards.

  9. AstroMadhatter

    Awesome videos 🙂

  10. Davidstuts575

    I love the moon, is so beautiful in the night sky. Great video 🙂

  11. JcmdiStockFootage

    Thanks for listening! 🙂

  12. JcmdiStockFootage

    Thanks so much! =)

  13. katsandroses

    bravo! ((((La lune))))

  14. logolou

    Stunning photos

  15. JohnMillervideo

    Great selection. Enjoyed video!

  16. jcmegabyte

    Thanks for the great comments =) Greetings!

  17. mythtree

    This creation is magic. His dream Bio-version is a delicate complement, adorn the lady. Moonbows and Cheshire Cat smile, my stars, what a dance!

  18. jcmegabyte

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  19. milabluelady

    Belo channel or showing how cÊu VERDADE.OBRIGADA, …….

  20. jcmegabyte

    Well, first or not, thank you very much for your visit! =)

  21. BardocksSynphony

    All comments are the charger .. technically so ……. FIRST!

  22. jcmegabyte

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show – Thanks for checking it out! = D

  23. jcmegabyte

    Glad you liked this =) Thanks for visiting!

  24. jcmegabyte

    Thanks for the great view and comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the show 🙂

  25. videossfrenk

    This game is great!

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