Craig Seidl HD Visual Effects Reel – Green Screen & Matrix


Click the HD symbol for a higher quality experience. Craig Seidl HD Visual Effects Reel- Green Screen & Matrix Production Company : Seidl Corporation Visit for further examples of our work and experience. This is a speed reel of VFX tutorials that I made as a thesis project. PRODUCTIONS “Agent Smith Duplication” Tutorial “Killer Mirror” Tutorial “Matrix Bullet-Time” Tutorial “Time Freeze” Tutorial Note: When switching over to the HD file, To remove glitches in HD playback make sure to move the slider to the beginning position to allow the video to refresh and play smoothly. DP – Craig Seidl Compositor : Craig Seidl Editor – Craig Seidl
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. NotoriusHitman

    how can i make jumping from the building down.. any help.. anyone.. outhere…

  2. lish3d

    ur awesome

  3. todoocunter

    sos un genio!!

  4. Haelis

    HAH. Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Hardkick. Wonderful.

    I’m a nerd.

  5. abooguh

    Interesting video overall. I would not mind knowing how to do that.

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