Counter-Strike 1.6 Movie Making Tutorial/guide


Counter-Strike 1.6 Movie Making Tutorial/guide

counter strike 1.6 movie making guide Download – 1.6 – Movie I couldn’t find any cs 1.6 tut’s so i decided to make my own This TUT will show you how the Basics of 1.6 Editing (Allowing you to record SOUND) If you know how to make movies in CSS then this will be easy for you and you wont have to watch after 3:30. The main thing you will need to do is Download HLae Its a program that You open cs 1.6 in (AKA a cheat) that forced it in 1280 by 720 (or we Resolution you want it in) for movie making and has a list of commands and Helpful tools that you will need. Hope i Helped GL HF #PauseforApplause —————————————Extra tags ————————————— CS CSS Counter-Strike Source Jumping 180 fun maps Awp triple kill Headshot kRYSTAL Cheater aimbot wall hack smoothaim Coded in ring0 ring3 randy keyboardsmashers cevo proof cal proof frod warden col optx KBS Glockateer Reaction Fast De_Dust2 D2 One deags Sick lolshot M4 AK cevo-p cal-i cal-o cal-im cal-main cevo-main BOE Invite Bhop Pro Longjump 350Units pcs mix Match TMP ace 5man fast all headshots fail noscope zoomless nozoom flash smoke CAL CEVO CPL BOE sourceradio Infprod Cadred sony vegas edit test AE Spraydown Multikill 1v5 Clutch NINJA esea ESL De_seaons de_nuke de_cpl_mill easter egg SICK Color settings cba wallbang boxbang how to LATA Blind counter strike movie making guid how to through Map tricks secrets Brownie
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This is an official instructional video for removing dust fromScreen Protectors from Green Onions Supply. Please watch in HD for the best readability. As mentioned in the video, the methods depicted may damage your screen protector if you are not careful. Green Onions Supply disclaims liability for any property damage caused by use or misuse of these instructions. We recommend watching once to get an overall idea of the steps required, then re-watch while installing, pausing between steps for more guided instructions. 2 methods are depicted: one showing how to remove dust from an installed Screen Protector, and the other showing how to safely store and/or reinstall a very dirty screen protector. The protector used in the video is a glossy screen protector for 13.3 inch screens, but the directions are applicable to most of our LCD and Laptop Screen Protectors, including those for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and other sizes. For more information on our products, please visit our website at MacBook and MacBook Pro are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. AdobeTutorials88

    clock on “browse” button and find your hl.exe

  2. Besmir Selimi
    Besmir Selimi08-04-2012

    how to make a like somebody viewing me like a spectator ???
    Back camera

  3. hockity

    Hi. Do you know how can I delete/mute people talking in-game on my demo ? Becouse that’s annoying when I want to make a nice video.

  4. 4ourNone

    Can’t download. Could you upload it on mediafire or something

  5. evil535

    my hlae is not working , it has an error :@

  6. DynamiikzEditing

    magic bullet looks / magic bullet looks suite

  7. STFUitzThaMC

    how do you get that you don’t have text, HP and radar????? please ANSWER

  8. SinSiLow

    Gangsta’s Paradise ♪♪♪

  9. BlockDemos

    how do i watch my bullets ant money when i playing counterstrike? plz reply someone!

  10. WezuArts

    how do i smooth around the characteR???

  11. snoofy1337

    send me and i will tell you.

  12. silevaNify

    disco3 🙂


    magic bullet for vegas pro 10 ?

  14. earlkim mendoza
    earlkim mendoza08-05-2012

    hey stop argiowing aboute it

  15. solo7371

    I cant find when i finish in HLAE I go in cstrike and look I press F12 when start video andd F11 when finish and I cant find the this hlae file ???? where can I find it

  16. Viktor5832

    NO GOOD IT LAGS !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Павел Андреевич
    Павел Андреевич08-05-2012

    Please Link for hlae

  18. N1XENN

    what’s the effect on vegas please 😉

  19. EPGMoNeY

    and when i try to find the folders and video i cant find it HELP!

  20. EPGMoNeY

    im a non steam man how can i create with non steam?

  21. TheRuoka


  22. justHeavenN

    magic bullet looks, a plugin for coloring

  23. Aprezt

    Thx… for that tutorial 😀

  24. ic4lmzDRIFT

    um, what media player thing u use?

  25. LALOMAN18

    nice but I guarantee that when reapplied there was a good amount of ling trapped again between the screen and the film. Just look why would you apply a screen protector wearing a long sleeve sweater that when any movement releases a good amount of micro lint and dust in the air which lands on near by stuff! You should apply a screen prot. fully naked! lol…. Use a hair dryer blower to blow away lints and dust right after being cleaned with a high quality microfiber cloth and screen cleaner!

  26. SgtCasper

    Really nice tips. Thanks. I was using cloth to take a small dust, 1mm² wide and the screen protector was getting dirtier, about half the screen. I was so angry that was thinking about buying a new one… LOL

  27. freakingnooblol

    Thanks for the tip, I was upset when I noticed there was dust under my screen protector and I thought I have to get a new one. You brighten up my day!

  28. GreenOnionsSupply

    If you’re having problems with tape not lifting off a screen protector, you can try switching to a stickier tape (some scotch tapes are fairly weak). Or, try using the plastic backing film from a protector to wedge under a corner of the protector, then use it to lift up the corner and the rest of the protector.

  29. GreenOnionsSupply

    Just to clarify, our protectors use reusable silicone adhesives which are a “dry” application, no soap and water required. In fact, I’d recommend NOT to use soap and water at any point in your installation.

  30. Hailie Toscano
    Hailie Toscano08-05-2012

    Do u know how to remove a screen protector from an Amazon Kindle? I tried using tape but it wouldn’t budge.

  31. XxLottery9331xX

    Thumbs up if u use soap and water

  32. powerpopplin

    U are genius I follow the step make all my dirt from the protector film , before I just throw it away thank guy you much

  33. turtle99064

    like this pagee

  34. geomeansearth

    thank you sooooo much! this helped me a loooooot on my phone!:)

  35. MusicHasNoLimit

    this reminded me that i have lint remover roll and now the protector has no bubbles from the dust

  36. wmk5566

    Thanks for the tutorial! It helps alot!

  37. minasemnick

    It really works!! Thx!

  38. Aboodyksa


    this is amazing!

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