Council No. 14 Maple Story Walk (W / O with chrome)



: BJRA – Storm Military PRE-REQ: You know, the basics of Sony Vegas. I was always like … A lot of questions in my inbox and comments about this, so .. Oh, and I am aware that there are other ways to do this. This is just one method. This is a method of going for Maple Story in Sony Vegas without chroma FX (also known as green / blue screen known), but the instructions in the video is only Bannedstory 4.0. Previous versions have not aligned frames stored Bannedstory character sprite sheet. . MapleStory character extract frames from their ZIP files (sprite sheets), you can use WinRAR: REQUEST: Do not accept applications that are done in a rude manner. Also, remember that I am a guru of the issue, not a resource provider or technician!

  1. OmgABananaDude

    I like this music.

  2. iWontRegret

    XDD Haha I had no sign of movement on xD But then I realized yesterday haha. xD

  3. MusicAddicted143

    lol. I know I can re-install. P

  4. iWontRegret

    LOL there is a movement tracking for Sony Vegas 8 OO

  5. iWontRegret

    I. .. LOVE YOU. <3 c:

  6. MusicAddicted143

    My Sony Vegas has been :/ no trace of movement is Sony Vegas 8

  7. iHeartbeaniesxDD

    OMG THANK YOU! Walking is not my lag now (!

  8. sakura112213

    Um taxes myself? U can tell me what to do with the slider of the frames of the characters? idk what they are doing or 0.0

  9. SparxIsCrazy

    sorry you know how to make even the characters seem to be a breeze? with this white cloud coming out of the mouth does owo thingys please and thank you, if you can help me

  10. RainbowBunnie21

    You make a lot of layers, so that keeping track of the movement track affect your film? if not, then you can make a video about how to track the movement of tracking your usual layer without affecting a lot of layers? apology. Confusing the question O_O

  11. darkestskie

    Does it work the same way as for the 11?

  12. iScreeamx3

    You are a genius fuuuu I Love Youu are C ‘:

  13. TheNataliee10

    Can I have a vague relationship to their Sony pls I need my job and not prime it makes sense, is C

  14. X3MiniDoraemon

    How do you copy multiple files together in the timeline?

  15. AlyAngelxD

    Does Windows Live Movie Maker?

  16. PrincessCrystalBlade

    Arial? . _____.

  17. xBunnyAngel

    Is a solid color generator media

  18. skypanda12367

    Ommmmmgggg Thanks, that really helps: dddddd

  19. itzGiselle

    What is the font used?

  20. Sakura4li

    How come when I do, my background is white and black to yours?

  21. MaineCare

    . _. This is so complicated if you look at how you move and remove all pictires together in my shoes. How to pull it … like, okay, how do you think bigger, so the image size is 0.0 the correction can be done?

  22. WinDeHDAxXMaSTErzMOn

    @ U sakura8112 should draw the sprite sheets If u no and trying to open and within the zip folder will not work not sure why, but just the way u need WinRar or do Like earlier in the to.go ur sprite sheet and drag in the crease (U should have a draft of Sony to make this method) with or WinRAR, just right click and extract here call the animation

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