como hacer un video 3d gafas rojas y verde after effects tutorial


como hacer un video 3d gafas rojas y verde after effects tutorial

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Isolate moving foreground elements from their backgrounds dramatically faster time using a revolutionary new approach that works much like the Quick Select tool in Photoshop. Visit Adobe TV for more videos Go from wow to real cs5 is here!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. 68machoman

    ¿Como se llama la camcion?

  2. Trevorchaseable

    2:00 voice crack

  3. TheHDPotatos

    I am so doing that!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. M3n747

    Can this method be used for proper rotoscoping? You know, the kind that was used in Ralph Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings?

  5. ElioRambo

    About the rotobrush span and its thin green line, i have an 8 min and 20 second video to rotobrush, i know, it’s long. but after few seconds of rotobrushing, the thin green line is no longer there. every time i want to go back to a previously rotobrushed frame/second/minute, it needs to rotobrush it all over again and it’s a long process. how do i make the green line or AE to remember it all? without freezing it.

  6. entertainiac

    Double click on the clip, then drag the Roto brush span out to the desired length. (default is a few frames.)

  7. MCPetruk

    After using rotobrush, I hit play and it only makes 4-5 frames of matte before it gives up and “selects” the entire frame…What do I do?

  8. AdobeCinemaTutorials


  9. BiGJoEMo

    Awesome vid! I’m having a problem though… when I use this method, and then render, a few frames will do things like delete body parts. The most of it comes out ok. The pink lines are where they should be, but for a frame or two someone will be missing a hand, or an arm! Lol what am I doing wrong?

  10. MrMan2585

    Thanks for makin me laugh in the library! gosh lol

  11. herrojenn

    Lol Kermit. Anyway, really awesome, thanks. 🙂

  12. BarryDennen12

    Guy in the video looks pretty fucking tough.

  13. TOW3L1E

    Excellent 🙂

  14. disastermt


  15. silverunner100

    ROFL Kermit is PRO

  16. FromTheWordsOf

    Started laughing at this comment before video loaded. Cracked up when he said “So in.” THUMBS UP.

  17. Gjeelbro1

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  18. TheDisinfector2

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  19. 0yououttaknow0


  20. KeT0h

    I dont think so, google it

  21. FriendKiller96

    Can I do this in Adobe After Effects CS4?

  22. Gamezonemachinima

    OMG i never new that was there :O thats going to save my hours of work 😀

  23. xxhellspawnedxx

    There’s some kind of educational version for a reduced price, I think. Otherwise, I’d say it’s fair enough if you pirate it, as long as you’re not planning on making money with it until you’ve bought a full license. I mean, no software developer can expect an amateur to pay the full 1000$ for it before they even know if they’d wanna work with it in the future.

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