Colour Correction Tutorial [ Sony Vegas ]


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Just fulfilling a childhood dream of having my own ­čśÇ
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  1. xiDoGGyHD

    thanks alot

  2. dumblesinghgym

    THNXXX´╗┐ MAN !!

  3. jake360flip

    Wooh,´╗┐ Thumbs up!

  4. WhatsAqua

    Very´╗┐ well done tutorial

  5. Metzkuli

    Thank you very much!! i love you´╗┐ :DD

  6. BossTribe

    can you make a tutorial about how to make a nice intro in
    sony vegas
    and can you´╗┐ show us how to make a background on the new you tube layout i subscribed looking forward to your tutorials

  7. DutchTacticalSoldier

    got a prob when i adjust the brightness i see no change what´╗┐ so ever in my clip whats wrong?

  8. YouLikeRandom


  9. TheeeoryMe

    How do you increase your´╗┐ Display size? Like the preview window?

  10. LeGiiTxSwitch

    i dont got secrendary color´╗┐ correction what should i do

  11. xRuneCinema

    You can get this program for free , youtube it somehow ­čÖé , It shall work on any computer or mac , Editing programs use alot of RAM however ,´╗┐ so if you find it running slowly , I recommend changing some settings or installing more ram ­čÖé

  12. MrLoui318

    does vegas work with pc looking´╗┐ to buy a good editing software and ive only heard good things about it!

  13. Rankiiaox3

    Yup thanks´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  14. xRuneCinemaTutorials

    Hey guys , don’t forget´╗┐ to suggest a tutorial!

  15. NikeTnb

    Thanks ­čÖé It helps a lot :D´╗┐

  16. julianxodbz3

    Sure! I will take a look of some´╗┐ of them

  17. xRuneCinema

    Thank you so much , means´╗┐ alot to me! – Is there any tutorials you would like to suggest?

  18. julianxodbz3

    the best tut I ever´╗┐ seen! good work mate

  19. ColorfullHD

    don’t have secondary color corrector? What do i´╗┐ do?

  20. 3HHHProductions

    Hey it’s hunter from 3HHHProductions.We are a small channel with me and my 2 friends.Please Check us out for the´╗┐ latest and greatest Minecraft and COD content.If you like us,give it a sub.Thanks so much!!!:)

  21. oCoRoSiiVeHD

    Subbed yesterday :P´╗┐

  22. xRuneCinemaTutorials

    thank you!´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  23. xRuneCinemaTutorials

    Yes of course :). Subscribe for later tutorials too if´╗┐ you would please :D!

  24. oCoRoSiiVeHD

    Can you do a´╗┐ tutorial on your Youtube Bckground?

  25. kflo1169

    @skids462 What the fuck are you even talking about? It’s people like you that are ruining society. The sr-71 is now DECLASSIFIED meaning the United States Government has released some specifications on it. And you´╗┐ tell people to get a life when your favorite videos list makes your sexuality very questionable…

  26. skids462

    U HAVE SOME BIG BALLS TALKING TO ME THAT WAY first get a life next if the black bird went full speed it could mess it´╗┐ up also dont lie about ur family working on the black bird or what ever u said the first sr-71 flight was in area 51 so they can’t tell nobody about what hey happend they can get in trouble dumb ass.

  27. Creational69

    if an F-16 2 person fighter jet can break the speed of sound and produce a sonic boom, then im positive that a´╗┐ blackbird can as well, dumb fuck, get your facts straight.

  28. RGCSpartan12

    i do think that fortress is very fun, but MineCraft´╗┐ is still very much better. Oh, and Lockheed Martin is in mah state =P

  29. 12345636052

    then blame spell´╗┐ check

  30. RGCMachinima

    did you´╗┐ know “plain” is spelled plane?

  31. MorninAfterKill

    haha of course…still doesnt mean its not the baddest of the´╗┐ bad ­čśÇ

  32. 12345636052

    you do know that this plain is´╗┐ decomishoned right?

  33. HartsfieldSpotting

    Too´╗┐ big.

  34. HartsfieldSpotting

    Umm, I make airliners in less´╗┐ than 10 hours.

  35. AustinTaylor216

    I´╗┐ thought u were going to say it took u 8 hours to build that LOL


    Lol I love that axe I’ve been trying to get´╗┐ it 4 months now how do u get it

  37. StealthyCarrrot

    @skids462 Just shut´╗┐ thefuckup

  38. kflo1169

    @skids462 While you’re at it give me the engine out procedures´╗┐ for an F/A-18 after takeoff. Sincerely, someone who flies them for a living.

  39. kflo1169

    @skids462 Also give me the military names and´╗┐ armament configurations for each one of them.

  40. kflo1169

    @skids462 I’m curious, What are the names of the fighters you have´╗┐ flown in?

  41. skids462

    look it up on the enternet look up the speed its there just cuz it takes a lot of gas its not fast and im 18 im going to be army i dont know when but i flew in a black bird if u have a lot of money u can do that thank u bitch and i know how to´╗┐ spell my pc takes time to load and some letters dont go through ok how many jets have u flew in besides a airliner i flew in maybe 14 jets fighter jets and ur grandpa was not part of the crew ur a dumb ass lier

  42. F1R3M0U53

    wow in that time you could´╗┐ go from new york to london and back again! lol


    No one cares what you build you big nerd asshole´╗┐

  44. mitchelljpurdy

    Not the fastest, but pretty damn´╗┐ fast.

  45. yukonman222

    how to do you get´╗┐ that pickaxe?

  46. MorninAfterKill

    like 3 or´╗┐ 4 hours

  47. AmazingFailsFilms

    How long did it take to build?´╗┐ First guess 10 hours?

  48. RKCarl5150

    you do know that SR-71 pilots were only allowed to push the throttle a quarter forward. No one even dared pushing the throttle all the way´╗┐ down, even at quarter throttle the wing tips would glow red. so i’m pretty sure these planes could break the sound barrier oh and learn to spell. btw my grandfather was a crew chief on one of these planes come on say some more stupid
    things that i can prove wrong of your child facts.

  49. Forgechannel1

    yeah it can. it just doesnt´╗┐ make that cone that f-14’s make

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