Color Explosion Flash – Immediately after Effects


style=”float:leftmargin:5px”> color explosion Flash - After Effects

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  1. ImOzify

    Please more advanced tuts are too easy.

  2. RuleDecade

    It shakes a tutorial on the screen when it moved to the pump and 🙂

  3. Hateasaur

    What is your intro song?

  4. Pikachuy0

    Thank you soooo much!

  5. Tehhkaz

    Hey guys may I see? I’m sorry if I do not care if it is, but I started some tutorials on Sony Vegas so check it out, thanks 🙂 / watch? v = hate d0ysU4pNJ1M

  6. Leeroi132


  7. ItsMeFuzz

    I miss a lot of videos, they do not appear in my subconscious, which is on the homepage did, I checked your channel once a week, haha

  8. LcBacke

    You should start, so the final result in the beginning or end of the tutorial, it is easier, the real effect 🙂 By the way, I love tuts to see! keep it up man 🙂

  9. ImKopka

    I love <3

  10. Creonicss

    ok, thank you very much 🙂

  11. iDaZz97

    SoundCloud is a good place for music .. or just search on youtube .. You must be specific or you’re going to go looking for a long time: p

  12. Creonicss

    already. I think it would be much more if the species that brought us to where the music .. : Pich think this is a limiting factor

  13. iDaZz97

    in just to say … ruin his style ….. and most publishers is much better when they use their own style of effects rather than those looking Tuts

  14. GiantEdits

    New editor, inspired by Zebo ♥ Keep up with the Tuts!

  15. sovetu

    no, I know, but all that is left to the editors …

  16. Creonicss

    I do not understand how 35 people are unaware that even if he did do a tutorial that would be what’s the point? It’s not like they will be working the same result as is.

  17. Creonicss

    There are about 2-3 months too late … Even with a

  18. sovetu

    Recruiting Edition Dare Challenge?

  19. sovetu

    Do people still flashing in color?

  20. ByReska

    In the great tutorial Zebo very happy to see you active again. Dont fuck with people, the whole thing with snipers Dare has nothing to do with it, take your awesome tutorials. Even if you do not like people like me and many others, who knows how to enjoy your videos! Thanks Zebo. Always a Zebonian. :-DNord-Biz

  21. iDaZz97

    But I can not … He will show you how to edit the episodes .. There is no right to work .. it’s all about being yourself and doing things their own way 🙂 Just a little experiment: D

  22. DistractingEdits

    Zebo good job <3

  23. ohDamage

    Join Zebo really help me Unrated Dare!

  24. someKILLJOY

    It offers a lot?

  25. WireOrigin

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