Color correction limit for the film appear – Final Cut and Premiere Tutorial 7


“Achieving color correction for the movie – Final Cut and Premiere Tutorial 7”


View all my tutorial videos and photos here: contact me @ Twitter TomAntos and Merch: In This tutorial explains how to do basic color correction in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro Click here to see the trailer for the movie “Montanita” see: Here’s a link to my company’s website:

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  2. AgentBVideos

    Exactly. It’s just an exaggeration.

  3. slewis

    I think the best is to use the standard settings found in the Color Correction 3-way. To update the program to monitor dynamically and do not press the waveform automatically to 100 IRE, which is annoying.

  4. oldVideoGamesChannel

    This is not an aspect of film, there is a yellow dye.

  5. monkynutzuk

    Hello, I love your videos, I’m interested in making music videos. Could you recommend a good camera to start? to about 400 pounds? Thanks again!

  6. meerderideen

    Nice video. But I did not know how this combination of orange and blue … But never the less a good tutorial.

  7. StillbornGravity

    Man your voice is too boring for me to end this.

  8. skarules111

    Hey man, could you tell me what the net effect is “color correction three-way” in After Effects? πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.

  9. raredreamfootage

    What codec and bitrate coded video files on the camera?

  10. neilnpaul

    Super Video Tutorials and truth help me, please keep up the good work! Greetings …

  11. AncaBoieru

    Well, thank you very much for sharing this!

  12. bijuelias

    or duing a grid work ….. Thank you, God bless u …

  13. TechGeek95

    if there is anything you do, then Premiere Elements should be fine.

  14. wwfera00

    What should I buy for easy placement timeline easy audio and color correction? Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro 7 or X?

  15. Richydudeman

    Superman tutorials! Almost as impressive as the girl’s ass in blue bikini.

  16. BurstCreativeArts

    Check out my version of color correction

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  18. ItsJonLin

    videos very very very very very informative! Thanks

  19. Reu360

    I am interested in film work for a long time. I go to school for several means of production. With all my research of video tutorials and classes I’ve done, you have your videos were the most informative and useful tutorials. Many, thank you very much for doing it.

  20. allantitoz

    good job man. plz new council to use the type of editing software. Thanks

  21. adeyintony

    coworker nice .. I like

  22. adamlycke

    very good, would be great if you have a video to show you what you could do with a simple handheld camera kΓΆnnte.Sie said in a video that not only the camera, you have to do, how well the video. That’s what you do with it.

  23. sickVisionz

    Great video!

  24. polcan99

    Make sure your shutter speed to prevent motion blur really. See my tutorial DOF # 15 around 5:30 mark to see what I mean. Different shutter speeds other effects that I show in this video. Hope this helps! and thnx to see!

  25. priyankbhadkamkar

    hey buddy …… view all videos … or doing a fantastic job ….. had another question … I started a Canon HF S21 wid …… and my question is ….. When shooting at 24 fps … no motion blur when I move my camera ……. and you? recommend or so, shooting and then convert 60i to 24p?

  26. MissxLiss1

    How do you add audio to a video go here?

  27. Gaming600

    Makes high definition video?

  28. agoratrader

    The clicking sound makes me want to die.

  29. FrostSabre41

    Where I can find a few new effects?

  30. XlReClaiim

    Damn it, the computer is very slow!

  31. XlReClaiim

    hey I need clips (Quick Scope prefer) at the beginning of this process. I need this because I believe that people see when I do a quick field installation with different people.

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  33. langered25

    see if their loved this new, how to make an epic intro VideoPad (new version)

  34. English withmusic
    English withmusic07-09-2012

    Hello greetings super homeworker from Brazil! My WMM has been crazy to have failed, so I decided to use instead VideoPad have. I mainly plan to use it to add subtitles, I just want to know if “perfect” can achieve synchronization between the video and subtitles. Thanks in advance!

  35. EmyBa1officional

    How should I say 2 or 3 videos at the same time to play?

  36. xTheDarkRaynex

    I saved a video slide show of photos and music overlap. After the first movie, the sound is still there, but only shows a blank gray throughout the rest of the video. Please help!

  37. JoKeRNaTiOnPs3

    How I can put music

  38. stubee5150

    There is a link in the description of it.

  39. MrGermanblood

    Each time you make a video editor video-pad, it appears that a segment of white on the video screen and the normal risks and back to white again have to. Can you tell me how I can aviod this?

  40. GOTHICA750

    You can go to a video soon, so short? I have a video that is 17 minutes long and I need less …

  41. emmyxoxobear

    Very good πŸ™‚

  42. emmyxoxobear

    Oh well, thank you very much πŸ™‚

  43. vinney smith
    vinney smith07-09-2012

    (U to edit), just click on the clip ….. First on the list of the media following ur says effects. click it and see the brightness weel πŸ™‚


    Can you cut a video or videos and images with video overlay-pad?

  45. FSUfanatic11

    when the trial period has expired, what happens with every movie he’s done?

  46. summergirl2755

    I am so very new at this and I hope I’m not myslef sound stupid, but I Freemake my YouTube videos so dowload and installed, it will be capable of the videos I’ve installed to work in that program?

  47. MaisieTV1

    infognition (dot) com / VirtualDubFilters /

  48. animegirl5256

    Expired and I use mine yet. Everything we do is what made him an AVI. Works for me.

  49. HansoFoundations

    Thank you! You are my “career” haha!

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