CKL-200 Dual SD-color Chromakey Light Technique


free 14 day trial available position! For more information please visit sales Questions U.S. Phone: +1-562-696-2324 or visit Outside the U.S.: The CKL-200 Kit is a perfect solution for standard definition video chromakeys beautiful without light long-term care background. LD-1 includes dual green / blue LED light ring with the control unit and two RF-1225FP reflective displays with velcro edges. This screen can be enlarged to a size that suits your application BIST. The reflective displays RF-1225FP with washers and pole sleeves come easy for hanging.It Study recommends that you use the video screens of standard definition only. The CKL-200 kit includes: Dual DL-1 green / blue LED light ring with a control unit for switching and intensity of the brightness of the LEDs of two RF-1225FP: ‘1 x 4 ‘x 8 ‘2 “(1.25 2.5 m), retro-reflective screens 82mm, 72mm (pre-installed ring of light) and 58mm adapter rings with perfect use of the backlight up to 75 degrees of control shaft power LED brightness for integration with Datavideo DVK-200 (not included). LED light ring 72 mm lens size. Questions sales: USA Phone: +1-562-696-2324 or visit outside the U.S.:
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