Cinema as a boss – AE: tutorial pyrokinesis


Here’s another tutorial

on one of the effects of X-Men: second class. This effect is simple pyrokinesis. Pretty simple, but effective. CHECK OUT THE SECOND CLASS X-MEN for sure take a look at last week’s tutorial displacement map, as it captures very well in this case. Displacement map TUTORIAL MUSIC Finta DnB – Sleepless YouTube ———————————- —————————- TWITTER – FACEBOOK – ———— ————————————————–

  1. 15liulj123

    What about lightning or a tutorial telekinesis to be great 🙂

  2. MobiusLOL

    I’m a little confused. The plug-in color correction used in this video, called Mojo Magic Bullet. But I’m not saying it can / can buy to dye it right. AE comes with many effects that modify the contrast, hue / saturation, color, etc. This is what the color correction plug-in can essentially change in the video. Make it easy for you and all at once.

  3. 15liulj123

    What is the right color it was then called

  4. MobiusLOL

    This could be because you have a demo version of it. There is a free plug, but if you can look around places where you can get for free, or use it to Mojo sein.Sie to correct the color. You can do this manually with your own levels and AE effect adjustment standard color correction is just a larger effort. Play with the curves, hue / saturation, brightness / contrast, photographic filters, etc.

  5. 15liulj123

    if I had put the power mojo, there are 2 red lines on the left and when I do the

  6. Kritoci

    @ MobiusLOL Ah, I was there for s preset you downloaded. So do not worry. Thank you friend 😉

  7. MobiusLOL

    It should come with a handful of presets. If this is not the case, I’m not sure where you could get. Try to beat the major search engines

  8. Kritoci

    @ MobiusLOL are fine, but there is a place where I can download the preset? : D

  9. MobiusLOL

    You can definitely use that man color correction, simply use one of the presets or create your own! Like the others and bring a lot of fun with it: D

  10. Kritoci

    And he must have srsly one of the most powerful computer in the world. Lol whenever I can see the effect RAM

  11. Kritoci

    TUTORIALSS AWESOME! I love EHM. But you have a discharge of the color correction thing, I have Magic Bullet Looks.

  12. 15liulj123

    Tracker tracks your hand, so I’m Spaz

  13. 15liulj123

    thanks mate

  14. MobiusLOL

    Set-point-in [Alt-point and set = +] = ALT +

  15. 15liulj123

    What was the control, where you can cut is old and ……… help someone!

  16. MobiusLOL

    Adobe After Effects. You can download a demo from Adobe or buy a 80% discount if you are a student 🙂

  17. tuberoesclerosis

    What is the program used to make these special effects

  18. TKandybarTV

    This is probably one of the best effects! It looks very realistic and how you do all these effects is very professional.

  19. MobiusLOL

    Thanks 🙂 I think it’s coz I invite you to a variety of content. I know not everyone likes vids behind the scenes. And I’m sure people do not check out tutorials when they do, the action itself, or simply want to learn how. Anyway, I know there are people who like these videos, so I will continue doing so, they have. It is also my way to my knowledge with the community 🙂

  20. zelenqk

    Funny how you like but 840 100-300 susbcribers videos.Sometimes views on even less, but sometimes more.You were many points of view on the video and the fate sponsored subscribers.Good won many bigger and bigger! 🙂

  21. SilentRisings

    You must ensure YTJ try this in your next sentence 🙂 Stay motiviert-SRN/Mind

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