Cinema as a boss – AE: muzzle flash lighting (three approaches)


Continuing my tutorial flash. This episode shows three methods to simulate the ambient light caused by a flash. The first method is that a freddiew taught in his tutorial, which overlaps with the original footage and set the blending mode to add or display. The second method uses a solid in order to create a type of color of light. The third method used personally most applications, an adjustment layer with one or more color correction purposes, typically exhibit. ——- Part One: mouth TUTORIAL flash movie as a Boss View Kliq the music teacher – Bust The bust Finta DnB – Sleepless —– —- http ——————————————— —————– TWITTER – FACEBOOK – ———————– ————————————————

  1. Exprenno

    DUDE! They deserve more views!

  2. Kritoci

    Well, I felt that something was missing last time! As always, as a friend

  3. GraxaGasparProducoes

    Cool man! Stay informed with the tutorials, has some interesting things, stay well!

  4. marielitai

    This tutorial was pretty easy to follow! I loved it 😉

  5. marielitai

    Yey for classes! D

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