Cinema 4D Modeling with Illustrator files


For this tutorial, project files that accompany it, and go to In this tutorial we will cover saving and importing Illustrator graphics into Cinema 4D version 11 is obtainable for download. Video Rating: four/5

  1. Danilourful

    Why is my logo does not appear in CINEMA 4D? You, like me .. I think the logo on the Google image, make the format as shown in the video-ai, but when I import the c4d did not appear. What did I do wrong?

  2. dBoyXL

    chack it .. ive got C4D R12 also .. This tells you how! Try’d it and runs 😉

  3. hdkill1

    So when I open the movies you ask me the size and if I go there all right, but shows the use of null object does not open please help me use Illustrator CS5

  4. SoloSkillzZz

    be the same for small

  5. 7amirha

    This tutorial is great, great, great.

  6. JokeeHD

    What is the file format for Illustrator? Because when the open the Illustrator file in C4D, which is so small. There is only one point … Please help!

  7. TheConash

    Right click on the layers after the election, she has the ability to connect from the menu

  8. BlazerDB

    I am using the R12 and I can not find the function of the tab? Plz help

  9. BurntTheZombieSlayer

    How does anything ever seen?

  10. CamronWiltshire

    Thank you! Very clear instructions!

  11. mmx327

    doing very well. I have a question. How will I be able to make a logo in the movie and open it in the AI ​​and expand the site so that I would be able to break it into pieces? Any help from anyone would be welcome.

  12. hugoivanmunozpareja

    Holy shit! Thank you from Berlin!

  13. FreakyLetsPlayz

    It only lets you: D

  14. TheAEplanet

    Very good tutorial, thanks for the help and the great work! Keep it up 🙂

  15. Ronnae1000

    11.5 If the C4d accept a new version of Illustrator or I have something to do with setting up my Illustrator document, because I’m struggling to do something with my AI file in C4D. This is the import, but, seeing no text layers can ‘t Add colors, etc. Do I soothe me, rasterize?

  16. xtraordinaria

    Doing very well and very easy to understand!

  17. MrCampollo

    Thank you!

  18. triune99

    Thank you! This helpful.

  19. harshittomar91

    ¿I can request the opportunity to effector to NURBS Extrude For example: I want to encourage something like rotate, scale all pentooled So how I can do?

  20. mVelocityHD

    My voice on the left enjoyed his voice. D.

  21. drnh4444

    This is a great love for their tutorials: o)

  22. TeraJon

    great, thanks!

  23. completesculpture

    All this is very good and very helpful. What I really want to know is how you do it in the opposite direction. So the model of a logo, all setup and textures as the best thing in Illustrator. Ai format?

  24. footwalls

    Finally, a simple explanation

  25. G00BLES

    Wow! Even with Cinema 4D tutorial and now I feel I handle things for him können.Great work. 🙂

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