Cinema 4D Lighting 03 – 3 Point Lighting


This covers the standard idea of a three-point light setup, the important light, the fill light, and the rim light.

  1. adamlhumphreys

    Very true. I remember when I was first introduced to three point lighting. I think too much emphasis was placed on the names of the lights rather than where they need to be. Some people probably stop at “I just need 3 lights,” while others, (like me initially) asked, “Where exactly do the lights go?” It’s really a matter of simulating sunlight using limited light, or the basis of a more elaborate lighting scheme.

  2. GhostOfACPast

    You know I am surprised that so many videos on you tube have so little views and/or no responses to them. I don’t get it and this technique is invaluable to those who know little about photography or video making.

    3 point lighting is the main technique, for generations, for anything in front of a lens.

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