Chroma ball step two (Downloadable)


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click Subscribe This guide covers the basics of editing in Sony Vegas Pro also shows how to use Chroma Keyer with video effects Greensceen. Shows how to videos of the information on Sony Vegas Runescape you can find here Edit: Sorry, speak very quiet in this video It was late when I recorded it, and I do not want to wake my parents lol_____Legal Disclaimer_____ RuneScape is a trademark of Jagex Limited. I do not, nor have affiliation to Jagex Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All other comments are specific and not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising If you make Runescape Videos, feel free to copy and paste my Disclaimer. Please give credit to Silentc0re

  1. skateboardboy8

    go to KeepVid and download

  2. ProxifyStudios

    Steps: 1 See the description of the link to “Youtube Video Downloader” herunterladen2. Download ES.3. Do it if heruntergeladen.4. Copy the URL of the video on “Youtube Video Downloader” provides a URL Raum.5. Click Download.

  3. charlie amory
    charlie amory05-13-2012

    how to download

  4. ProxifyStudios

    Your Welcome! 🙂

  5. shapeworkstudios1

    Wow, thanks!

  6. JoadsPK

    Can you upgrade?

  7. tyrantizzrain

    go see a preview video.

  8. FTSLeader

    Message me on youtube if you are a Runescape Editer.

  9. YOiTzRoTa

    Why do not I have a preview screen?

  10. IWasBornInNarnia

    Please update!

  11. Disturbed58585858

    I do not think so transparent, it is not really blue, white, what I can do about it? It takes the whole screen

  12. Darkwatch386

    One thing, The Pirate Bay.

  13. snakey470

    Dang this thing was to get a free $ 600 is a silentc0re you have paid so much?

  14. NarcBros

    I am free Sony Vegas Pro HD 11: p

  15. IWildPkI

    no need, 11 is exactly the same.I have recentley “has” Sony Vegas Pro 11 ^ ^

  16. IWildPkI

    ps if you mess up your options, use System Restore 🙂

  17. IWildPkI

    The crop pants case (zoom it has been someone to help me)!

  18. IWildPkI

    new problem, use it to zoom in and is gone I have in my stupidity, but does not open: (

  19. IWildPkI

    NVM got it: S

  20. IWildPkI

    lost the tabs? 9 What shall I do, accidentally, for example Tabs Explorer, etc. As themb IG et transitions ack>

  21. IWildPkI

    make for 11 pl0x

  22. IWildPkI

    There must be a. Avi or something, although I have to create a way to avoid an empty folder on the desktop top.Then open Camtasia and click on the clip of “chamber of content,” then add to the folder that is Download Sony Vegas created.Then

  23. IWildPkI

    Thanks 🙂 edit my last video with Camtasia and has no effect ^ ^

  24. Mist3rFox

    very *

  25. Mist3rFox

    Thank you verry much help was fine to use 🙂

  26. MrPatrickbuit

    yh I know this video already, but next time we get a crack for

  27. iTrollYourVids

    Silent Core VIDEO FOR YOU updated version of this town of O Many, including myself, to help

  28. 15legit15

    I can work for you 🙂

  29. SwagDice

    I need a video editor RuneScape for me detials. I’ll buy it. (:

  30. VIPatRS

    Cool, this is gona take a while before I’m good at this, but I noticed the link on this vid.Das x help me thank you very much).

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