Change the boot animation of Windows 7 – Tutorial (Portion 1)


Many people love to customize their computers

and change the startup animation is only one way to do that. According to Microsoft, do not support changing the Windows 7 boot animation – but that does not mean you can not do! In fact, thanks to the hacking skills of many people far more talented than me, it is now easier than ever before, the Win7 boot animation and adjust to get rid of that boring Windows logo: P. Here are the steps to make your own to create custom animations. Of course, there are other ways to do this, I think this method is the easiest and fastest method. * Sorry if this is Game Maker confusing part, I forgot I had the previous strips are stored in the same folder when I hit SELECT ALL. Ignore you everything about about my confusion and renewed load of pictures: P * And if you want to MAKE NO own animations, but you want however, a custom animation you have found, online, to just to make part 2 skip, to learn to like you with one. All links I mentioned: Adobe After Effects (Test and / or full version): Game maker 8.0 (trial version and / or full version): Win7BootUpdater (32-bit or 64-bit; choose for your system): * SUPER * EDIT CoderForLife use the latest version. An update to Win7 makes the previous version in the bricks of your PC, but more recent works fine. It ended in remover universal watermark (removes text after the creation of a start animation): My DeviantArt

  1. IceMetalPunk

    No problem :). Happy to help! : D

  2. jeffrockr

    Thank you friend! You just do not kick to save my computer! I was looking for a way to find a movie file to convert PNG images for a while … All this time was under my eyes! Thank you very much to my boot animation is timed perfect now!

  3. Dreamtumbler

    Bought it is undoubtedly …

  4. IceMetalPunk

    Um … I xD. The ring was made in PS CS5. It is much easier to create animation in a program designed for animation / video, so the animation of still images or import PS layers in After Effects.

  5. MrUltimatium1

    And u no PScs5 use? -. –

  6. IceMetalPunk

    It should work provided the final result of 105 images, which is exactly 200×200 pixels in size. I’m sure it’s easier if flash’ve used before: P.

  7. markyj07

    I just found out, downloaded a. BS7 file and a folder with 105 PNG images, and both worked perfectly with the program, provided that only the animation / boot skin, text size, font and background colors, I never thought about playing with the other settings you never know. So I pull out, only to see a nice animation somewhere, that move by lightning, 105 photos and do it that way seems easier, I hope it works.


    Instead of installing the Game Maker, you can create configurations IrfanView> Image> Panorama: Images Horizontal: Add the FramesWie 105 this so people SEE

  9. luckypenny10

    Ok, fine, widescreen was only a guide. Thank you!

  10. IceMetalPunk

    The final animation should be 200×200. When designing the widescreen version, believe with the size 200×113 and then set the final animation in a 200×200 competition before it is rendered. Windows can not do with a different size. So no, you can not make it bigger. Windows compatible only, dass

  11. luckypenny10

    So my animation must be 200×200, but said that for the large video screen in 200×113 as my afternoon should be, is it important? Windows 7 Boot Updater is displayed as 200×200. It is also possible, perhaps the startup animation is a little larger and widescreen (16:9 maybe 854×480)

  12. IceMetalPunk

    Oh, stop dragging: P If people think that could really ruin your system ….

  13. IceMetalPunk

    Unless you can convert video into a strip of BMP. Windows is just a BMP-strip animation, no other format, then convert that without it anyway, can you really nicht.Wenn most are in color, however, you can remove the BMP itself . Just create an image 200×21000 and drag the animation frame by frame from the top down and realized that every image should be 200×200 and the frame 45 to be the last loop. Then save it as BMP.

  14. Coolster8000

    We can paint only paint pictures and put them together in Windows Movie Maker and have this splash screen? If I may, I say, as in computer animation to boot importieren.Dank

  15. DisneyWatcherXD

    Easy Way! Go to System 32, delete all .. See what’s next option: D

  16. IceMetalPunk

    Or, if you wish, you can send a direct message with animation / video, to use, and I can do for you, if I have some free time.

  17. IceMetalPunk

    As far as I know, there is no way a sound during the boot animation to play. After the animation is done, and the computer is booted, yes, you can change the sound, but there is no way a sound for the animation to play. As for graphics, if you want to see the animation on YouTube, you can do with Easy YouTube Video Downloader add-on for Firefox (or savevid dot com, if you do not have Firefox) to download and follow these instructions to make an animation boot from it.

  18. SatchStef

    can u plz – I try to create a PSX start with “sound Orgazmic” PSX on my Win7 …. I’m at a loss

  19. IceMetalPunk

    As I said, my inbox an email with the details. JPEG, are not encouraged, so please specify in the message, what type of animation you want.

  20. rjbrunker

    I have a JPEG, I would use this if you can find something better.

  21. IceMetalPunk

    Clear. Send me a direct message, exactly what you want and I will be happy to help.

  22. rjbrunker

    hey I can do I’ll send $ 5 U.S.

  23. MrBangup

    You sound like Microsoft Sam …

  24. IceMetalPunk

    Do you really want to donate? Thanks :). I can not link here, but I will send a donation to a message with a link to my PayPal if you like. Thanks again: D

  25. psyauto

    Hi mate, how I can make a donation using your boat 7Triangle wonderful? Thanks a lot!

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