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The Museum of London Royal TimeTrip application contains a specially crafted movie collection and site specific, Helen Baxendale (Friends, Cold Feet) recounts that includes a century of royal life London, iconic, among other events, four royal weddings, coronations and burials two.

application in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics launched, allowing users of iPhone and iPad to dive into London’s iconic real events of the past and explore the enduring relationship between the British monarchy and people of London. It is available in the App Store? 1.49.

Incredible images

file from within the application, users can connect what they have in the past on their TVs at home today with the geography of London seen. Highlights of a variety of files, such as the BBC, include:

Debut of Princess Diana Wedding million worldwide, and the marriage of his son, Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011;
Millions line the streets of London for the coronation of the queen and her father, King George VI;
Prince Philip votes Princess Elizabeth with her Westminster Abbey wedding in 1947;
Churchill and the royal family celebrates Victory Day, along with thousands of ordinary London;
Her Majesty the Queen first public appearance as a baby on the balcony of Buckingham Palace;
After the Oscar-winning film, The King’s Speech, see the true kings last speech at the Festival of Britain in 1951. Users can also

fascinating images and objects from the Museum of London’s most important collections, and through interaction with the pop-up factoids exploration applications in movies and stills galleries, you can delve into the capital the real story.

The application also provides two family games. The function of unique wedding photo allows users to follow in the shoes of Britains most famous princes and princesses on their wedding day. You can share your memories with friends fun brooches. A game pedigree prompted to five centuries of British kings and queens to be placed in the correct order.

unique tourist attraction for LONDON 2012

visitors who were lucky enough to go to London this month is probably all that monarchys pomp and pageantry the British 30th become world famous through the streets of the city for the Diamond Jubilee Olympics, royal family see transformed into force and, of course, Her Majesty the Queen as Bond girl fun, which celebrates unique in British history.

Museum of London Royal TimeTrip, users will be immersed in a century of royal pomp, demonstrating the British monarchy has always been one of the masses. And. Incredible, is not just for big state occasions such as coronations and jubilees Funeral, the end of the war, the return from a trip abroad in the past, the excuse for a day off work, a massive parade, cheers, waving flags and splendor general, currently rolling only once or twice a decade.

One could argue, of course, was that previous generations to see thousands of people a little pomp, since they have no TVs or iPads to distract them, but I think a very deep, personal and intimate connection between the people of the United Kingdom and the monarchs, fashion or the march of technology challenges.

bring the past to life

See Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and other important real iconic sites on an interactive map highlighting real places of London, the user presses the photo galleries and video content. Enjoy 40 minutes of high quality clips specially edited by date, explain optional pop-up factoids more.

deeper for more information about striking objects and images from the Museum of London’s most important collections, the can tight and extended for greater visual immersion. The links on each image takes the user directly to the page online museum collections. A pedigree game tests knowledge of the royal family portrait English with drag and drop tiles in the correct order and the facts of each correctly placed monarchs. And the only photographic allows users to put in real iconic moments.

Museum of London Royal

TimeTrip, interactively exploring the real past of the city, is now available worldwide on the iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/museum-london -royal-timetrip / id529487534

appshout For more information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson! hydrogen in the film name on +1 408 757 0156 or press (at) appshout (dot) com.

Notes to editors

1? For more information or images, please contact Sue Horth, hydrogen film, with the attachment.

2? Visit http://www.royaltimetrip.com for sample videos and a link to download.

3? Museum of London is looking, Museum of London Docklands and Museum of London Archaeology inspire a passion for London. The museums are open daily 6.00 and 10.00 are free for everyone.

4? Movies hydrogen are specialists in historical narratives in film and digital media. We women producers and digital entrepreneurs Lucy Bassnett-McGuire and Susan Horth, both passionate about history, learning, travel and past life 21st Century.
5 Discover the Museum of London, with online collections – added nearly 25,000 house larger objects.

6? Follow the Museum of London on Twitter, Facebook and http://www.facebook.com/museumoflondon http://twitter.com/museumoflondon.

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