Center Parking: Ep 236: Digital Photography 1 to 1: Tv Adorama Photography



digital photography presents one by one. In this episode Mark Wallace shows you how to build a key light up in a parking lot. Mark uses foam core panels and light to create shadows and light control. A white background is from the sun illuminates a photograph by Richard Avedon to create style. This can be done with or without the camera flash. Please visit for more videos Photography! Send your questions to:

  1. EpicsodeOne

    Yes, that’s what the saying goes, because you already have a Speedlite, which can only see each other and shed light on a white wall, try to always work with me. I agree that Speedlites 5 is a lot of money, but my friend some configurations with 7 lights! Edge light, light hair sepparation capture light, etc …. But trus me my bag is not happy I have 5 Nissin Di 622nd

  2. global001

    Using a light always, but I think if the sun is working against the wall on one side, is possible. I hear what you say about ppl buy a lot of things, can be an endless money pit, but I am saying simply, configuration is more expensive than the brand was demonstrated. 5 Speed ​​Lite installation is the interior of large amounts of money! πŸ™‚

  3. EpicsodeOne

    And by the way, I shoot indoors in the sub-ambient light and I have two Speedlites diffuse glow on the wall and Speedlites three to illuminate the subject.

  4. EpicsodeOne

    Dude, you do not need two Speedlites, you only have a diffuser, as they are outdoors in broad daylight, so that everyone would give more light to give a perfect white background, and what you need on the topic is illuminated, even when the same result and want to get serious? Catch the light? You will find that the obligation for these vaccines? He does something about the capture of light? It’s a Speedlite anyway, so what we need is an additional Speedlite. People tend to buy easilyy shit these days.

  5. global001

    It would take two flashes on both sides equally to balance the light on the wall and it would be a flash on this issue will have to create the light and capture the emerging model. So your theory requires 3 flash units with radio transceiver 3 and a camera channel. Theirs is actually more expensive than the idea of ​​Mark.

  6. global001

    Seeing this makes me want to live in the U.S., where building materials are cheap and easily accessible! Mark major video, danke.Ich hope all the negative comments here to be surprised. Some people just love to kill inspiration when they see it!

  7. jimvuraot04

    What is the gray card? Please explain .. Thanks

  8. EpicsodeOne

    Stimulate Speedlites THE WALL, not on the subject, the subject look like he / she is in front of a light box! No need for Photoshop or something.

  9. terenas1986

    ok .. What if .. put on the sppedlight? Shadow? What will you do with them? Photoshop and stuff out of the question ….

  10. jc636r

    Great importance. The B & W are great photos in the final. Can an episode of your B & W Photo setting in LR?

  11. mczun666

    What the hell is this?

  12. branislavpetkovic

    “The answer my friend Blowin ‘In The Wind” is πŸ™‚

  13. heartdoc25

    without diffusing the flash does not have red eyes, because I always do. I use the bounce card or other diffusers, if I am using the camera flash. Maybe I’m spoiled me with lightning and attendees?

  14. terenas1986

    Mark, what was your ISO while shooting? 100 or 200? I guess this was high-speed flash sync because of the low ISO. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  15. MrsOneWattle

    Why not try Dom Bower “Key High-anywhere” video (which uses flash units and a graffiti wall covered in a smaller space in order to obtain perfect high key images then it is on YouTube, but I lets send a link to it.

  16. ktran11

    easier to rent a truck and only one study on the inside when you have a parkinglot ….

  17. funincluded

    No, actually, no, that’s not lighstand.Aber if you’ve done that 9 times, and have half of the materials for this project!

  18. archedmandible

    You can keep a length of 2 “x 4” in a pot full of wet concrete. At that time, dried, has a backing of light!

  19. tonyarrj

    1/640 “Is it more than x-sync speed of flash for this?

  20. mini696

    Given his 13 minutes in a 15-minute video, even before the shot, I think that speaks volumes about the shooting stops beteiligt.Die complication after 30 seconds for the configuration information.

  21. MADJIHAD1942

    Stop complaining that its too expensive, just use more than the light is not so difficult … You can do this for very cheap, with some wood, nails and panels of white / black …

  22. LuciDreamTv

    or you could just photoshop ….. IJs

  23. matthewlambphoto

    Wow. Normally love these videos, but this seems too complicated for easy way to do something. Search Clay Enos. Super simple and clean.

  24. lalaig

    Flash in TTL / iTTL or manual mode?

  25. kelch12

    Yes, the idea is great, but there are a lot of expensive equipment in question. The spectators were like me, a cheap way to get the desired effect of study. Great lesson, but not so practical for most.

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