Castle 5×02 Goofing green screen TV – Cloudy w / Chance of Murder (HD / CC / L ↔ L orTranslatable)



Castle 5×02 Castle and fun with green screen TV – Cloudy With a Chance of Murder. HD – Closed Captions (L ↔ L means that the CC can translate several languages, test it, it’s fun.) Using interactive transcript (Click the icon above). Beckett is clearly enjoying this until the sexy reporter Cristina appears. Beckett is jealous. 🙂 Season 5 Episode 2 Castle Castle Castle S05E02 5×02 “Chance of Murder” provided no copyright infringement just want to promote Castillo.

  1. Bardan2009

    This is true, to a certain extent. This is the first season that is no secret, or external problems between caskett make some sense. Even fans have the same reaction, would have to wait a minute. This episode would have worked at this time because of the relationship. This episode is designed to test the determination of Beckett. Do you think she’s telling the truth Castle or abandon it and leave everything. Looking ahead: Who is the murderer and why the murder fantasy?

  2. 1406adm

    Maybe because now is when you have the biggest impact – people care more now than it would have if they say happened in season 2

  3. Bardan2009

    It’s all good.

  4. stonecoldku

    Forgot heat rises.

  5. stonecoldku

    I do, but if you do public relations and Gates can not work, not a matter of his book will make commitments to worry about what I say. Moreover, there is something they need to work, finally, can survive as a couple, if they do not cooperate. After all, if we want to live happily ever after work, it will not be there. Kate finally retired.

  6. Bardan2009

    Yes, I’m sure, Heat Hamptons is the fifth book. Heatwave was the first book. The agreement was three books: Naked Heat, increase heat, and heat frozen. The proposal is a nice touch.

  7. stonecoldku

    I do not know who or why boil, but the overall concept of the show is what Beckett going to do about it, I think castle or go with the evidence and do their job?

  8. AnistonAnarchist

    “Fred Willard canceled on me.” I can not say I blame him, because he is in jail for the murder of Tom Bergeron third season

  9. Bardan2009

    No, what I’m asking is: Why are framing Castle now with this murder? Four years of cooperation and murder happens now? Why?

  10. 1406adm

    I’m not sure they’re “in” the work, because a large part of the book is the problem: I do not work on them.

  11. stonecoldku

    Are you sure, because I would Hamptons Heat the fourth book? Heatwave had, which was the first book, and then came a three-book contract with the publisher. Frozen Heat Book II (March 1st book deal), the third book Naked Heat (second of three book deal) and heat Hamptons fourth book (the third book deal). That is, if I could win. Until then, he did not follow, because his contract and could go public with the relationship and work together.

  12. stonecoldku

    I mean, we are only 4 episodes and Lanie, Espo and Gates are the only ones who still do not know.

  13. stonecoldku

    Yes, I think it always created, but this also gives Kate the opportunity to take a decision that will go ahead and do your job or going to rely more on Castle. Or another situation has a doctorate in 05×05 looks set to ask where it was on Friday night. You probably know, but she is ready, her career for him, and who voluntarily put on the line, so do not risk being discovered. I do not know that together too long for anyone to take, are

  14. Bardan2009

    Someone in the same 5×02. The look on Castle’s face after she said she knows he does not cheat. Is it me or do not work in this murder appears 5×05 become one that is in a practical way, or almost out of place?

  15. Bardan2009

    The “he” or “no va” is a solid theory. Actually, it would be the fifth book, because, as the third book in this series is actually the fourth book. And by the way he spoke, was supposed to be a fifth book of murder she wrote.

  16. stonecoldku

    How I would beat not occur until the third book is written so that it would take at least a couple of months, perhaps a year to complete. It could also be something to get people interested in your “is it.” “He will not.” The situation perhaps bought the ring early, but with all relationships, there are some issues that arise and keeps pushing it out.

  17. Bardan2009

    Let’s not rush into marriage, Sheesh! They met at this time!

  18. stonecoldku

    I agree it would be like jumping the shark, as they say on TV, but the way he would, in the third book. Heat Hamptons. Remember it was a three-book contract he signed after the book came out. So if the relationship becomes public and could no longer work with her books would not suffer. He had finished the book and I read Beckett and then give the devotion. “The three most important women in my life, my mother, my daughter and my wife … if she says yes.

  19. frozenpiper2

    I love to hear, but I think it is too early for the theory of engagement rings. I think they’ve met at least four months, so maybe it was a necklace. Something not too fancy, you can save it for the Christmas episode.

  20. stonecoldku

    Castle said out of jail if it will happen in an earlier episode maybe something. I thought it might have been a coincidence that he save himself and the jewels he. Purchase an engagement ring for Beckett In fact, I have an idea of ​​how it should propose to Beckett, but will run out characters in this paper to describe, as it should. If you want to hear my idea, let me know.

  21. frozenpiper2

    Apparently one of the guys camera settings are on Twitter, but he tweets things not only spoiler and all, what would say was “Stand By Your Man”. So maybe Kate uncertainty (women) treated fairly quickly. I think jewelry is purchasing castle grounds, rather than the victim Kate was purchased. Someone had planted Marco Castillo.

  22. stonecoldku

    Well, looks set to trust issues in “probable cause” must be tested, but they are not easy to break. I have the strange feeling that in this episode that Castillo can begin to trust issues with Beckett. Are expected back and trust him when he says he did not, but if he is arrested, he is not happy.

  23. frozenpiper2

    I can not wait too! You can see how much she loves him, just by the way she looks, but I’m willing to listen to the words. Castillo did not say the word “A”, as usual, so I think he understands that Kate is not ready to say it again. I hope the outcome is probable cause, he says finally.

  24. stonecoldku

    Fillion fans and great minds think alike 😉

  25. BonesandBooth92

    I know it would have been easy smile on the inside! 😉

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