Canon T3i 60D DLSR Video Film Appear – On the web Degree in Video and Music Production 2


T3i Canon DLSR Video Film Look – Online Degree in Video and Music Production http This is a music video I produced with my baby boy Taylin. Basically I’m showing just how simple it is to produce nice music when you know music theory, chords and progressions or the cycle of fifths. As well as high quality music videos using the Canon T3i, T2i, 7D and 5D series cameras with the canon 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4, 28mm 1.8 lens. I was primarily concerned with the cinematic look of film for this video. Test with other cameras and lens are nothing compared to what I found useful with Canon Series cameras. Cinema Picture Style allowed me to get that real depth of field or bokeh to really pop out at you. It was produced to introduce my new online degree programs and training courses at and http In essence you don’t actually attain a degree, but your training courses will be almost equivalent to taking online classes or a real college media program.. The education presented in these online tutorials will have you shooting high quality professional style media. Added to this you can opt to take a music production course by learning the basics of Hip Hop production and music theory. I use a quick approach and equip you with all that you will need to accomplish all the things that a well known college such as Phoenix would teach you. But of course at the fraction of the cost. This internet business has changed my life, helping me
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  1. SteveoFilipino

    How do you get that twitch movement? where its in slow mo then moves really fast kinda looks like a robot?

  2. craneraaudiovideo

    like that beat .. feelin it .. tell me what you think of this track . crane badly .. on you tube

  3. germslingo

    This is a good video, keep up the good work. Good stuff…I just made my first T3i short film/music video called Strange Thoughts…please watch, leave comments and subscribe…thanks

  4. mastamnd

    Luv it Uncle T!

  5. mastamnd

    Tay Tay.. Wow… I’m gettin’ old! lol!


    love the saturation too.


    that looks great. well done!

  8. jdhcapital

    What’s the deal with your course? Is it complete yet? I see it’s $299 do you have anything less expensive, I have premiere pro and after effects CS3 would I be able to do this stuff in CS3?

  9. deez4utoo

    can you do a tutorial on how you made that beat?

  10. mrhodes100

    Nice I need you to come to sc and shoot a video.

  11. marcuelcajon

    Damn brotha that was sweet!

  12. brovasaif


  13. Powershotknecht


  14. jhonmur0

    UFFF, (y) Excellent!!

  15. youcantstopthetruth1

    omg i love it. it got that feeling!

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