Canon 60D Lighting and Color Grade Example


Pay a visit to for a total list of all the gear used in the producing of this video. I originally set out to test some lighting in my workplace. Once I got this video into the edit, it became considerably more. As for the lighting, I’m making use of my window as a important light, a low cost LED light ( as a fill and a halogen operate light ( to light up the background. The LED light is daylight balance so it plays well with the window. The halogen in the background is tungsten balanced which I’m employing to produce separation. For color grading I brought the project into Right after Effects (AE). I’m new to AE and I am finding it to be extremely effective. I am actually content with the outcomes of the color grade. I used Curves, Selective Color and Levels to create the appear I wanted. Add it to the list of factors AE does genuinely well. Also, round-tripping from Premiere Pro (PP) to AE is a breeze, creating the entire process seamless from one particular program to the next. As happens with any edit, you begin to think of further items you can add to your video that you may not have planned when you started. This was certainly the case here since I wasn’t even really planning on publishing this video (as evidenced by the crummy audio coming from the on-board mic). Nevertheless, after the nice outcomes of the color grade, I decided to turn it into a video that would assist me understand some other AE features as effectively. Enter motion tracking. You’ll notice that the text notations

Schreibt mir Eure Fragen einfach in die Kommentare oder per PM ­čÖé Ich muss aber dazu sagen, dass mich in Right after Effects auch nur begrenzt auskenne. Ich gebe aber mein Bestes ­čÖé Guter und g├╝nstiger Greenscreen 3mx3m
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  1. Chase Ma
    Chase Ma06-07-2012

    Thanks for the great´╗┐ tips. I was considering the Rode video mic and the Zoom ones and finally decided on the Zoom H1. Pretty happy about it so far.

  2. whole27

    yea it probably was set too high, i didn’t use it…i just saw a video where it´╗┐ was being used on utube. I have no equipment experience at all whether it be DSLR, editing, audio, etc.

    I just was clear, crisp sound and wish DSLR’s were more like camcorder in that way

  3. thepodcastersstudio

    If a shotgun mic seems distorted to you then it must be because it’s not being used correctly. Likely the levels are set too high and it’s peaking. Your best bet is going to be the Rode Mic I have listed on my gear´╗┐ page (see this video’s description for the link). It’s the second Rode mic listed under “Future Purchases.” This mic is best for your shooting situation, DLSR and budget. It’s +20db feature allows you to get cleaner audio with a DLSR that has manual audio controls.

  4. whole27

    i want to make a movie and put it on DVD….i really don’t want to have to buy lights and a boom mic cause i am a one man show here and don’t have any help. I want to spend as little as possible and be a mobile as possible. I want to shoot various, spontaneous scenes and for the most part, all the dialogue i need to pick up will be in front of the camera but maybe a few feet away but shotgun´╗┐ mics seem distorted to me.

    And i can’t put mics on the people cause it will show on cam. help?

  5. thepodcastersstudio

    I have used everything from FCP express, FCP, FCPX, iMovie, and Premiere Pro. Yes, I’m on a mac. The mic will depend on what you are shooting more than where you are shooting. You can get a lav mic for interviews, wireless if following someone around or a shotgun mic on a boom pole if the person is sitting still or you have someone to hold the mic. You can attached a shotgun mic to the top of the cam if you just need to capture the environment you’re in. Not as good for voice.´╗┐

  6. Chase Ma
    Chase Ma06-07-2012

    Cool tips! Are you a Mac user? What kind of software do you use for video editing?
    Also, what mic would you recommend for outdoors/travel DSLR video filming?´╗┐ Thanks!

  7. thepodcastersstudio

    Thanks´╗┐ a lot!

  8. jeffreypalmer84

    Great´╗┐ vid!

  9. thepodcastersstudio

    Cool, thanks for watching and commenting! ´╗┐

  10. bradisonn

    Great´╗┐ video, very informational!

  11. thepodcastersstudio

    Thanks! Take a look at my video for getting great audio with a DSLR… that one has seen it’s´╗┐ fair share of views;)

  12. thatgrantkid

    How come you don’t´╗┐ have more views!

  13. thepodcastersstudio

    @thepodcastersstudio ha thanks for using the link! And thanks for the compliments. If you are on twitter you should definitely be following me there. I answer questions´╗┐ there all the time. @PodcastHelper. Editing is a bit trickier because everyone edits on different systems. You’ll find lots of videos here for whatever editor you’re using. Good luck with your vids and keep in touch.

  14. 703MeThane

    Lol Yes i did use your link ! Thanks for your help. keep the videos coming, they’re helping me out a lot now that i’m moving on to video. Maybe a future´╗┐ tutorial on editing? ­čśÇ

  15. thepodcastersstudio

    Cool, did you use my link?;) The light has a cold shoe adapter mounted to it so it goes on top of your camera if you want it to. In this´╗┐ video, it’s simply sitting on my desk but yes, it does attach the flash mount on your cam. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

  16. 703MeThane

    How does the LED light attach to the camera? Or does it not attach?

    I just ordered one after seeing this video and seems like´╗┐ a perfect cheap floodlight

  17. thepodcastersstudio

    Normal´╗┐ batteries work great.

  18. skatemic

    Does that light use normal batteries or do you have´╗┐ to use rechargeable batteries?

  19. thepodcastersstudio

    ha ha cool. The image at 2:05 is straight out of cam. Some of the effects I tried made the´╗┐ exposure a little more than desired but this was a test that I wasn’t even planning on uploading. So it will be more dialed in next time. Thanks for the feedback.

  20. mglpictures

    @2:05 perfect cool cinema look ( a little brighter) . . ´╗┐ the rest of the footage i think is too bright. great show!

  21. thepodcastersstudio

    Yeah color grading usually makes all the difference. I used a “levels” adjustment to dial in the level properly using a histogram. Original shot was a tad underexposed & I crushed the blacks a bit to add more contrast. Another factor adding to the look & brightness is the skin smoothing technique I used (linked in the description). This gave the appearance of even more light on my face. But the added vignette & saturated background really make the color of my skin appear even brighter.´╗┐

  22. kimbanyc

    wow. the color grading made a huge difference. Did you brighten the footage or did bringing some of the colors´╗┐ up (lighter/brighter) do this?

  23. TheMaoritz

    Danke! ­čÖé Hab leider kein Gro├čmembranmikro, aber mein jetziges´╗┐ ist auch echt gut!

  24. Sk8erHQ

    geiler Ton´╗┐ ! ­čÖé

  25. snakemuzik67

    sau geil gemacht ­čśÇ hast tausende abonnenten´╗┐ verdient

  26. TheMaoritz

    erst mal vielen Dank!
    Maske w├Ąre eine Idee, aber das w├Ąr extrem aufw├Ąndig..
    Du kannst es aber mit Keylight versuchen (sofern du das´╗┐ Tool hast) =)

  27. CheckervonNekka

    gutes´╗┐ tutorial hat mir sehr geholfen! Nur ich hab das gleiche Problem wie du, bei mir werden auch Teile meiner Frisur weggeschnitten. Wie kann ich das l├Âsen? Nur mit Masken?

  28. TheMaoritz

    Erst mal vielen Dank! ­čÖé
    Ich glaube, dann´╗┐ mach ich mich mal am Wochenende an die Arbeit ­čśÇ

  29. Bubblegunnerlator

    finde deine tutorials super ­čśÇ w├╝rde mich auch sehr freuen wenn du eins zu deinem intro´╗┐ machst das sieht n├Ąhmlich ├Ąu├čerst geil aus!

  30. TheMaoritz

    aber nat├╝rlich kannst´╗┐ Du. Du musst dann einfach statt dem (Hintergrund)Bild ein Video oder eine Animation einsetzen. Der Hintergrund ist v├Âllig egal, da After Effects ja einfach nur das Gr├╝n des oberen Videos ausschneidet und das, was dahinter ist, frei gibt.

  31. lotzingaaaa


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