Candle Flame 01 – Free and Pre-key!


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Video Rating: 5/5

created a wall of flames actual green backgrounds, blue and black for free effects and stock footage previously entered. This effect is for use with chroma-key effects. Also included bonus Smoke and flame effect chromakey effect, in black and in the use of the sample (title screen) pre-tuned.
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. vidiotschannel

    @ Teunissenstefan TRUE Black Fire. Thanks for the question!

  2. teunissenstefan

    Please, how to make fire, huh? Animated? or real fire on a black background?

  3. Zephury

    You must previous games (dot) com download links to download the files. As QuickTime MPEG links are not very effective and tend to be very confusing. For this reason I can not download the file. And I’ve always been looking for! : (

  4. vidiotschannel

    @ Anvpsg can download any of our stock and the effects on our website listed in the description. No registration, no registration requires no registration. Free only a little about the effects and action sequences with a simple download download 2 stages. (Right click and save)! Thanks for your question, and taking into account the use of our free VidiotsChannel effects!

  5. vidiotschannel

    @ GranHermanoReality Required ~ Thanks for asking, but no permission! We create our free use purposes without permission or credit card (although if you want to give us credit is always appreciated. Love our effects can be seen in use, so if you do it in a video posted, please let us sureto we know what we can check them out, even we have allowed our video subscribers, using our effects on our site (on request). Thanks again. stay in touch!

  6. superjackass

    How I can download? I found the link, but not allow me to download

  7. GranHermanoReality

    Awesome. ? I can use?

  8. vidiotschannel

    @ SuperMosttv ~ re: I can not thank you ……. ~ Thanks, just!

  9. مصطفى المعمار
    مصطفى المعمار12-16-2012

    I can not thank you …….

  10. Jai Chapman
    Jai Chapman12-16-2012

    How I can download?

  11. anvpsg

    How cn i download ths video for my film?

  12. vidiotschannel


  13. vidiotschannel

    @ Roxzannlynn ~ Do not use “I Movie”, but I found the instructions in “Google” look up “green screen with the movie I” ~ 1 is the first step) to enable advanced tools. [IMovie -> You check in Advanced Tools -> Settings] 2) then add the background image or video you want to use. 3) Remove the green screen video in the background image or video -> a drop down menu will appear with several options, including green screen. 4) Selection of green screen movies you should do the rest!

  14. RoxzannSchefferGary Glick
    RoxzannSchefferGary Glick12-16-2012

    How can this movie i

  15. vidiotschannel


  16. Paranoid575

    I’m going to use.

  17. vidiotschannel

    lol Thanks! Maybe it could be useful in an Industrial Safety Video.

  18. WinningWebVideo

    I like this effect. Now we have to figure out how the fire are in our industrial productions! Maybe a line of “do this or burn!”

  19. Black thunder Films
    Black thunder Films12-16-2012


  20. vidiotschannel

    Thanks for the feedback! We sub’d.

  21. Black thunder Films
    Black thunder Films12-16-2012

    Great Job Bro! Check My Vids And Subscribe man!

  22. screwbacca556

    Oh sweet. As such, it is technically actually burns?

  23. vidiotschannel

    This relatively easy to create by fire shots at night (while background objects), then we Chroma Key (black) to it. Crucial and put it in black, green and blue and rendered Thanks for the question!

  24. screwbacca556

    You’re welcome. How is that? That looks like something out of a movie proffesiional.

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